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Posted by drew10 on Sep 18, 2007
Tritton AX360 Gamers Headset £79.99

Tritton AX360 Gamers Headset £79.99


Exclusive First UK Review!!

In a day when game audio is of paramount importance to the overall experience, sticking a pair of headphones on can really lessen the immersive impact of the game you are playing.

Fear not young gamer for help is at hand with the Tritton AX360 gaming headset. Featuring true Dolby Certified 5.1 the AX360 takes gaming headphones to a whole new level. Ok, so you may wonder how you can achieve full surround sound in a pair of earphones, so did I. The AX360 features 4 high quality speakers in each ear that move the sound around just like having a full set of surround sound speakers. Whats more is that they even boast a rumble effect that simulates the sub bass.ax360

The AX360 includes a breakout box, (see image) that means these headphones will connect to most consoles and even DVD players via optical, co-ax, and jacks. They also have an in-line control unit that allows you change the volumes on the centre, rear and front left & right speakers with stunning effect.

Another massive plus with the headset for 360 owners is the detachable microphone for use with Xbox Live. It works exactly the same as your normal microsoft headset by plugging directly into your 360 controller.

Well that’s what they are, but how about how they perform? I hear you cry. Well in truth these are far and away the best gaming headphones on the market to date. I used my review pair on the Halo 3 beta and all of the sound distribution was positioned exactly where it was supposed to be. You could hear enemies sneaking up directly behind you or whichever direction they were coming from.

The only downsides I can find on the AX360 is that the rumble feature does not quite make up for having a masive sub in the corner of the room and in general the headset could have done with some sharper bass response. Also whilst comfortable I found them slightly heavy which may get tiresome over extended periods of play. Plus at a retail price tag of £79.99 they are not exactly cheap and may slightly too rich for some pockets but when you consider the quality of the unit it works out pretty good value for money.

Overall though the AX360 is a great product that provides true Dolby surround without having to wake up the whole street.


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