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Posted by drew10 on Nov 22, 2007
Gaming News 22nd November

Gaming News 22nd November

Haze Delays Play

Ubisoft yesterday confirmed the news all PS3 owners were dreading, the great looking PS3 exclusive, Haze has been delayed till quarter 1 next year. There is no official reason for this but if you ask me its a good thing that some companies will not rush a game out just to be in time for Christmas. Let’s face it this game is going to sell bucket-loads no matter when it is released, so PS3 owners now have one less killer app coming in what was already a pretty lifeless festive line-up.

More Ubi-news 

Possibly more cheering to the hearts of Sony fanboys is the news that Splinter Cell: Conviction has also been delayed. This equally good looking 360 Exclusive now has no release date even mooted which does not sound good! Again though I prefer a polished game that I have to wait a little longer for than a rushed piece of rubbish. To be fair Ubisoft have a good track record of games that live up to their hype.

One final piece of news from those Ubisoft peeps is that they have confirmed the existence of Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Hardly surprising considering the first installment ended with a ‘To Be Continued.” But that wouldn’t have meant anything had the original not sold by the skip-load!

The Competition Of The Century 

For years they were at the spearhead of their respective owners war. We all wondered what a game would be like that featured the two most iconic video game characters of all time. Well now these two gaming giants have come together in er…well… an Olympic party game, Sonic & Mario At The Olympic Games. Yes somebody out there has finally got Sonic and Mario to go head to head but not in quite the style all of us have been dying for. This party game for the Wii is due out on November 23rd and some time early next year on DS, it looks like fun I guess but come on a two player co-op adventure featuring Mario and Sonic with their unique abilities is now surely more than just the realms of fantasy! Is’nt it? Please? Anyway we will try to get hold of a review copy and let you know if this game is worth waving your arms about to!

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