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Posted by drew10 on Jan 8, 2008
The G4A Game Of The Year Awards

The G4A Game Of The Year Awards

So 2007 is over and 2008 brings a new dawn on the gaming horizon we have decided to do a review of everything that has been good and bad about our beloved past-time in what was on of the most exciting of years.

Obviously, the best thing that happened to gaming in the year of 2007 was the launch of Game4Anything. Since our launch we have had lots of regular readers who have given us some good feedback about what we do. We thank all of you for your input and promise that 2008 will see even more expansion and exciting extras for G4A so keep it here!

So what about the games? Well 2007 saw the European launch of the Sony’s dream machine the Playstation 3! Not the all conquering launch Sony had in mind as bad press and awful PR mistakes from Sony Execs married with the enormous price tag saw the console’s sales start of slowly. Within the first 6 months Sony was forced to admit they had got it wrong by releasing a slimmed down version of the machine with no PS2 compatibility and no card reader and a smaller hard drive. The retail price of £299 still managed put most people off.

We have also seen the Wii go from strength to strength with titles such as Mario Galaxy and Zelda to name but few.

This year has also been kind to Microsoft with sales of the 360 still going strong, exclusives like Halo3, Bioshock and Mass Effect have done well to dive sales.

In this year we have seen a great many excellent games released and a few not so excellent ones too! Below we give the results of our awards!

Best Platform

1. Super Mario Galaxy – Nintendo Wii

2. Ratchet and Clank: Tools Of Destruction – Sony PS3

3. Crash Of The Titans – Multi

Best FPS

1. Call Of Duty 4 – Activision – 360/PC/PS3

2. Bioshock – 2K Games

3. Halo 3 – Microsoft 360

Best RPG

1. Mass Effect – Microsoft – 360

2. Oblivion – PS3/360/PC

3. The Witcher – PC

Best Adventure

1. Zelda: The Twilight Princess – Nintendo

2. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune – PS3

3. Tomb Raider: Anniversary – Multi

Best RTS

1. Command and Conquer 3 – EA Games – Multi

2. Galactic Civilisations 2: Dark Avatar- Stardock Entertainment – PC

3. World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade – Blizzard – PC

Best Racing

1. Motorstorm – Sony – PS3

2. Project Gotham Racing 4 – Microsoft – 360

3. Forza Motorsport 2 – Microsoft – 360

Best Sports

1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 – Konami – Multi

2. Sonic and Mario At the

Olympics – Nintendo – Wii

3. Virtua Tennis 3 – Sega – Multi

And Now For The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For………..

So this is it Game4Anythings game of the year award. Moonhead if you pass me the golden envelope… thanks. In traditional reverse order……

… number 3, the underwater, art-deco world of 2K Games Bioshock.

OK at number 2, pushing hard for the top spot we have…… The epic Call Of Duty 4 from Infinity Ward and Activision.

And now we come to the last award, G4A’s game of the year. It is a real return to form for the worlds number 1 gaming icon …….. Super Mario Galaxy is by far the best game of 2007 and arguably one of the best game ever! So well done to Nintendo and Miyamoto-san who has done it again.

So there you have it, the plumber is back at the top where he belongs and that concludes our look back at the highlights of 2007, we can but only hope that 2008 can eclipse this wonderful year.

PS. Apologies for the formatting but there is something wrong with our front end which will be rectified very soon we hope.

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