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Posted by drew10 on Aug 29, 2008

Gaming News 29th August 2008

Tiger Uppercut!!

In perhaps one of the shrewdest marketing moves in gaming history, those clever sticks at EA have turned a potential disaster into a stroke of genius.

After previous reports circled the web regarding a serious glitch in Tiger Woods 09 that allowed you to play the ball from a water hazard by simply walking on the water, there response?? Well see for yourself!



Don’t Invade Our Space

What can only be described as a very odd occurrence Space Invaders™ creators Taito look likely to sue the Leipzig show and artist Douglas Edric Stanley after it became apparent that the huge controversial ‘Invaders’ art! Exhibition was used without the permission of the company. The art in question shows a giant Space Invaders game set against a background of the destruction of the Twin Towers. Apparently a social commentary on the similarities between the futile attempt to stop the Space Invaders, which always ultimately ends in defeat, and the unending War On Terror. The centrepiece of Stanley’s provocative installation included was a rather cool giant Space Invaders™ game with motion sensing so that you could actually be the little cannon moving backwards and forwards and using you arms to shoot. It also featured a detailed history of the game the game many see as the marker for when the industry was truly born. However, it seems that Stanley may have to do some bullet dodging of his own if the death threats he has received on his personal blog are to be believed.The installation was removed by Stanley saying something like, “All I wanted was to make a giant Space Invaders game whereby I could wave my arms about and shoot things is that such a bad thing? Also I needed lots of publicity so this seemed like a good way to get it.” Probably!

Taito have understandably distanced themselves from the installation in case George Bush finds out about their plot to attack America with their attack force. Its okay George just remember, aim your shots just in front of them as they are flying, especially when they get low and fast!!

Anyway here is a video of the installation which we stole/borrowed from a more high-brow blog called ‘It May Even Be Our Time.’


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