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Posted by drew10 on Nov 21, 2008
Christmas Buying Guide 2008 – The Games

Christmas Buying Guide 2008 – The Games

42-17890953Silly Season Is Here Again!!

Yes it is that time of year when all the games come out at once. A marketing minefield of adverts, posters and magazines trying desperately to part you from your cash.

We here at G4A always try to ease the pain with some essential purchases to stick on your lists to Santa and even better we have already scoured the internet to find you the cheapest deals anywhere on each title.

fallout3xbox3601Fallout 3: PS3/360/PC – The much acclaimed 3rd game in the series from Oblivion creators Bethesda. Truly epic in size and a brilliant blend of RPG and FPS. Will not appeal to everyone but the sheer amount of game you get for your money makes this one a credit crunch buster. We found the cheapest price for you for 360 £31.99 @ Amazon – PS3 £31.98  Also at Amazon – PC £24.73  @ The Hut

gears-of-war-21Gears Of War 2: 360. – The sequel to one of the biggest selling and best looking titles on the 360 to date, GOW2 takes everything that was good about the original and ramps it up 1000%. There are bigger guns, more baddies and even more massive set pieces. The gameplay gets repetitive but when it is this good you just cry for more and more.  We found it cheapest £32.99 @ Shop2

fable-2Fable 2: 360 – Peter Molyneux finally shut his mouth and let his game speak for itself. Fable 2 fulfils nearly all of the promises that were mooted about the first game. Beautiful to look at, a joy to play and simply masses to do Moonhead has been playing it for ages and only now has started the story. If the truth be told he was a little upset that he had to kill his gay lover. The Best price we found was £29.99 Amazon

lbp_eu_front_coverLittle Big Planet: PS3 – We waited, oh how we waited and now it is finally here, and yes it was worth the wait. LBP is everything we wanted and infinitely more. The single player game will have you smiling and laughing for hours, the commentary from Steven Fry will make you piss yourself and the sheer wonder of it all will make you come back time and time again. But its the creation side of the game that means there will always be new content to play and build for others. One of the greatest games for years. We found it for an incredible £24.79 with free delivery @ Simply Games

left4dead-boxartLeft 4 Dead: PC/360 – Valve, of Half Life fame have taken the survival horror genre and added action and teamwork in spades. Team up via LAN or Online and you and 3 mates can battle the zombie hordes together. Not deep in anyway and the story wont engage you but… well… its 4 player zombie blasting – nuff said! PC price of £24.79 @ Simply Games – 360 Price of £35.99 @ Gameplay

mirrors-edgeMirrors Edge: 360/PS3/PC – A first person futuristic free running game? When we first heard about this title and what it set out to do we were, to say the least, a little sceptical. First person has never been the ideal formula for a game of this type but it works so fantastically it has to be a purchase. New and inovavative and gorgeous to look at Mirrors Edge is a joy from frantic start to furious end. PS3 Price of £34.98 @ Amazon – 360 Price of £34.95 also at Amazon and a PC Price of £25.99 on Amazon

farcry2boxart11Far Cry 2 PC/PS3/360 – The most sumptious looking shooter of all time and possibly the most realistic. Far Cry 2 does away with all the nonsense of monster changing from the first game to deliver a much grittier experience. With some of the best looking enviroments and awsome set pieces Far Cry 2 is a must for any FPS fan out there. PC Price of £19.99 @ Shopto – PS3 price of £36.99 @ Shopto & 360 Price of £31.98 at Amazon

tomb-raider-underworld1Tomb Raider: Underworld 360/PS3/PC/PS2/Wii/DS – Lara is back and she is better than ever. Everything that made the Tomb Raider franchise such a massive hit is finally back in the games we all love. Underworld is a joy and is as Lara should be, back to basics. Climbing, rolling, jumping, shooting and most importantly, solving puzzles. The enviroments are lovely and lush and the gameplay is well balanced, its good to see Lara doing what she does best. The Best Prices are as follows – 360 £34.73 @ The Hut – PS3 £34.73 @ The Hut – PC £22.99 @ ShopTo – Wii £24.91 @ ASDA – DS £24.79 @ SimplyGames – PS2 £19.99 @ ShopTo

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  2. The guide for the PC-games you have given in this site is superb.I like playing more number of PC-games.Thank you.

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