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Posted by drew10 on Sep 23, 2009

Let's sit down, 'ave a cuppa and a catch up shall we?

Yes its been ages, and yes lot’s has happened in the world of games! Let me go over the top 15 with our thoughts on them!

  • PS3 Slim: Sony launched the slim inevitable PS3 with a larger HD and a better price point. Good news finally from Sony whose refusal to lower the PS3 price seems to have been purely because they couldn’t afford to. Bad news for my mate Fudgester who bought his PS3 only 3 days before the new one was announced on my say so! Oops!
  • SHOCK: EA have actually started producing good games! Yes I said good, I know it is odd isn’t it? Hopefully they will continue in this vein from now on!
  • NATAL: Microsoft unveil Natal! Great just what we need another over-priced peripheral that will probably get minimal support and then gather dust just like my Live Cam! It has got to be doomed, let’s face it Peter Molyneux has been talking it up and we all know what that means! ( We shall see.)
  • F***: Gordon Ramsay released a F***ing game! (Erm that is, he released a game about cooking not F***… Oh you know what I mean!)(This isn’t one of our highlights I just wanted to use that joke!)
  • Halo: Despite Bungie claiming that Halo 3 would be the “Last ever Halo game, honest guv, no like seriously, we ain’t kidding!” We have since seen two more Halo games. I was really surprised I bet you were too! No really!
  • Uncharted 2: Sony’s Tomb Raider beater famously received 26/25 in some French Mag Hmm we shall see, we shall see!
  • Game Central: The very sad news that in the shake up of teletext Game Central will be no more from the end of this year! As one of the last bastions of totally unbiased game reviewing we will be sorry to see them depart. Moonhead and I have been avid followers ever since it was Digitiser and I even worked as their sports game reviewer for a while!
  • G4A gets pissed off with reviewers and decides to pull its Joypads out of its collective arses and get back in the game, especially since Game Central will be no more the world needs someone to take up their mantel!
  • Xbox still suffering the red ring of death but now death comes in a new form E73. Moonhead has had both this year!
  • PS3’s now also dying of yellow fever, or yellow light failure (I like mine better) and Sony charging £125 to repair if out of warranty!
  • Batman: The wondrous Batman Arkham Asylum, finally a decent Superhero game!
  • E3: The return of E3, the world’s premier game show returns to somewhere near its best!
  • Delay’s: Loads of top titles now slipped until 2010! Still better that than half-arsed rushed versions!
  • Duke has finally been Nuked, with the demise of 3D Realms it seems that the single longest running gaming soap-opera has come to a close. Duke Nukem Forever would appear to be no more! Personally I think they should just release it virally in whatever state it is in like Thrill Kill on the Playstation. Will there be a resurrection? I suspect that somewhere down the line we will all wake up form a dream and Duke will be in the shower treading on an aliens kneck!
  • Obsession By MicroSonySoft: The major console manufacturer’s obsession with having to outdo each others stupid motion tracking gadgets! Leave that to the experts at Nintendo and get on with making PS4 and Xbox 1080!!
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  1. moonhead says:

    I have got to add here on the Natal side of things that MS’s Shane Kim telling us they will treat the launch of Natal as if it were a full blown console launch is really worrying me with regards to when we can expect the Xbox’s follow up.

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