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Posted by moonhead on Oct 6, 2009
Why I Hate The Game Store Group

Why I Hate The Game Store Group

Game The Next Level My Arse!!!!

The Next Level My Arse!!!!

My Name Is Moonhead And I Hate Everything About Game.

I am just going to start this by telling you a true story. It was Friday 2nd October and its about 14:30, I was on my tea break so decided to go and have a look in my local Game store.  Surprisingly for the time of day it is very busy with loads of gamer’s in store nearly all of which were after Fifa 2010 which had launched that very day. There were five people in the queue two of whom had just finished paying £39.99 for their new game and there were others milling about perusing the shelves. Prior to going on my tea break I had been browsing online and had read that the major supermarkets were having a price war with regards to Fifa 2010 and Tesco’s had decided to undercut everybody and sell the game for the incredible price of £24.97. I decided it was my civic duty to let everybody know this and the fact that there was a Tesco’s directly over the road. So I shouted it out to everybody in store.

The, now slightly pissed off store manager behind the counter retorted that the Tesco’s across the road had only stocked 2 copies and had already sold out and did I think he would not do his research. So I countered this by saying that Tesco’s were offering the same price online and that other supermarkets were also selling the game for around £26.00 plus the fact everybody has a Tesco’s somewhere near where they live.

The two people who had just paid for their copies of the game promptly asked for refunds, another man who had just been offered £2.95 trade-in value for his old copy of Fifa 2009 (what a fucking insult) decided against it and two others placed their empty boxes back on the shelf and left. RESULT!!!!! I managed to stop at least 5 people being ripped off by this useless soulless shit hole of a high street chain.

I know some of you are going to say that Tesco’s are not any better and I would make you right in most ways but I am not here to go into the whys and wherefores of rip off corporate Britain. I am here though to try and let people know about games and help you purchase your games at the best prices. So on that note I am going to list all the reasons why I hate Game stores so very very much and why you should try to avoid giving them any of your hard earned cash.

1. Pricing – Game’s price for absolutely everything they sell either in store or online can be beaten just about everywhere. And I do mean everywhere, high street or online. Everything Game sells is at or around the RRP (recommended retail price). There is no common sense to their pricing either I have often seen pre-owned titles being sold for more than the same brand new sealed title because it is the special of the week. Are you really going to pay more for a second hand title? I do not think so but Game obviously do.

2. Useless Staff – Considering they are the number one high street chain for games their staff seemingly know nothing about what they are selling. Some of the rubbish I have heard spouted from Game staff is ridiculous. From telling punters that the latest rubbish licensed film game is the best thing out at the moment to poor advice on what console is suitable for varying people. I once heard one of them tell a woman who was considering buying a Wii for some family entertainment for her and her 2 sons that she would be better buying a PS3 because of Buzz and Singstar, she was falling for it to. I intervened and asked her how old her sons were she replied 3 and 5 so I told her to stick with the Wii as it was more suitable. The only reason I can think they would attempt this is to make more money and not give their customer what they actually need.

3. Advertisement and Shelf Space – Rows and rows of identikit licensed games and the next big blockbuster is all you will ever see in Game. If you want something more niche or unheard of be ready to have to root around in the bargain bins, asking the idiot behind the counter would usually illicit a response of how they only ordered 3 copies of the game you are after because “It was not going to be a big seller.” Surely this attitude limits the size of their customer base and they would be better broadening their horizons. I know that this problem is not just down to Game staff as big companies pay for displays and shelf space in store but surely there is a better way for Game to manage it. Also if you’re an import nut you can forget about going to Game.

 4. Trade Ins – There is much debate in the industry at the moment about whether the trading in of old titles against new ones is very healthy for the games developers and publishers of this world. I am not going to get into this debate all I wish to say on this matter is that Game’s trade in system is a complete rip off. They do not ever give you a fair price for the titles you are giving them and then overcharge when selling them on. Point in case the man in my tale above being given a miserly £2.95 for his year old copy of Fifa 2009. I had a little check and online they are selling pre-owned copies of Fifa 2009 for £17.99 now you cannot tell me they are not taking the piss right there. They are selling a game they tried to pay £2.95 for at five times the price. 

5. Customer Service – Or rather a complete lack of especially from the web store. Here comes another recent true story -: I decided to pre order Halo 3: ODST from Game’s web store as surprisingly it was around the same price as everywhere else and I also had some points on my next to useless loyalty card so it was going to end up being cheaper (there is a first time for everything you know). The web site stated that the Game would post in time to be with me for launch day the 22nd September. The 22nd September comes but the game does not. Upon checking the web site the game was posted on the 20th of September, a bloody Sunday!!! So how it was supposed to get to me for launch I’ll never know. I send them an email moaning about this fact on the evening of the 22nd and a second one on the 23rd as I did not receive any response. In fact, I did not receive a response from their customer service department until the 29th September. All this response stated was that two days was ample enough time to get my pre-order to me (it may well have been if the day they posted it was not a Sunday) and that if my order had not turned up by the 6th October to contact them again and they would send a replacement or give me a full refund. I sent a reply asking why it would take until the 6th to get a refund or a replacement? It had got to the 30th September and as it stood I had not received a reply. As I said SHIT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

6. Crap Hardware Bundles –All of the major players on the High Street can have this particular point levelled at them but again Game are the worst. They will do their utmost to palm unsuspecting customers off with the worst crappiest games and pointless accessory packs as bundles and try to make it look as if they are doing you a favour under the guise of saving you money. It is total bollocks, all they are doing is getting rid of stock that will not or is not selling. You do not and will not ever need a plastic Tennis Racket extension for your Wii-Mote or a non slip silicon cover for your Wii Board it’s just all crap. And as for the games they try to palm you off with, it is always ridiculously crappy licensed rubbish. Don’t get me wrong they are not always bad and some good deals can be occasionally be found cropping up there but in general they are terrible. In days gone by you could go into Game and come up with your own bundle but no more, you can only get the crap they insist you take. Even when they advertise that you can pick your own game you are restricted to a selection of five or six titles that more likely than not you will never play and trade in for 50p three days later!

I could and probably should go on but I will be here forever with gripe after gripe. A lot of what I have said here can be levelled at all the High Street retailers but as Game are number 1 they will and should come in for the most stick. All I want for all gamers are fair deals, I understand that gaming is an expensive hobby and growing ever more expensive. So all I want is to get the most for my money and Game patently do not offer that. For those of you interested in learning some tips in how to save money when buying games read this article I wrote nearly 2 years ago. Also please comment below on whether you agree or disagree with my little rant or if you know of any ways to save money let us know and we will spread the good word.

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2 Responses to “Why I Hate The Game Store Group”

  1. Liam says:

    Great article. I never trade in games for the pittance game & most independents offer. I prefer to give them to friends & family. There used to be one knowledgeable & conscientious staff member in my local game store but he seems to have left. Keep up the good work(advising the public etc).

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