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Posted by moonhead on Nov 13, 2009
Uncharted 2: Among Theives / PS3 / Sony

Uncharted 2: Among Theives / PS3 / Sony

Has Sony finally got itself the mythical system seller?

The above question is a strange one to be asking considering that Sony’s black behemoth of a console has been on the market for over 3 years. Also considering now that after a slow start there is a growing list of high quality console exclusives. But for me none of these exclusives can be considered to be a system seller. All of the system exclusives have all been far too Marmite like to be a true system seller. This game on the other hand could just be the one.

Nathan Drake’s first outing was quite rightly lauded as a very good game and possibly the first exclusive to hint at what the PS3 was truly capable of. But it fell short of true greatness due to a slightly repetitive structure and a slightly fiddly control system and camera. Naughty Dog this time round though have thrown the kitchen sink at it and it has paid off big time.

The game kicks in straight away no tutorials just in your face gameplay from the off. Nathan Drake comes round sat in a chair bleeding and wondering what is going on when all hell breaks loose and finds out that he is sat in a train that is hanging perilously over a very large frozen expanse. As he climbs his way to safety a set of flash backs play out letting you in on how he has managed to get himself in to this perilous situation. Story wise it is much like the first game a globe-trotting adventure where you are after a priceless ancient artefact and a horde of lost treasure. Meanwhile you are being outwitted and double crossed at every turn. Drake’s love interest and partner Sully return from the first game along with a new rival love interest and a new set of baddies. All of the voice acting and characterisation are top-notch leading to a collection of people you truly believe in and either care about or hate. In Nathan Drake, Naughty Dog  have made one of the most charismatic, likeable video game lead characters ever created and the voice acting of Nolan North really brings him to life.

Now on to the games graphics which are quite simply breathtaking. In terms of art style they can be a little generic but then again it is trying to convince you that this is the real world so they would have to be. The level of detail in the games wide variety of backdrops is jaw dropping from jungles to snowy expanses through to urban landscapes they look mind-blowingly authentic. Add on to this the character’s animation both in terms of movement and the emotion shown on their faces as the story pans out is just fantastic. Uncharted 2 is without a shadow of a doubt this generations best looking game by a country mile. The word cinematic gets bandied about a lot in the video games world but for once it is a justifiable claim with this game.

The game plays exactly the same as last time out but things have been smoothed. The controls are  less fiddly when trying to set up that long jump. And the camera behaves in a much better more cinematic way. This game is all about the huge set pieces and you really do lurch from one frantic perilous situation to the next. From hanging on for grim life in a crashed train to jumping from one exploding vehicle to another and onto a train again fighting it out with guns whilst trying to get the lead car. This is the Hollywood blockbuster done to the fullest and is an absolute thrill-a-minute ride. None of the gameplay elements are particularly original but it all works so well and ties together perfectly.

Add on a fun well balanced multiplayer game with both co-op and deathmatch modes and you have an incredible gaming package. One which I have no hesitation in proclaiming to be game of the year so far. Any gripes or grumbles that I could level at the game are so minor compared to the game as a whole they are not even worth mentioning. So back to my opening gambit I honestly do believe that if Sony back this with the right marketing campaign, Uncharted 2 is their mythical system seller as none of the other console giants have a game that is even comparable to the level of graphical fidelity, adventuring punch and  story telling finesse on show here.

Rating 10 / 10

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2 Responses to “Uncharted 2: Among Theives / PS3 / Sony”

  1. NUFCRULE (Liam) says:

    game of the decade for me
    you say the game plays the same as the 1st but smoother, id agree apart from stealth is very different in the 2nd game , much improved from the 1st , and adds a great new way to take out enimies in larger groups
    good review though

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