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Posted by eddierichards on Nov 24, 2009
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 – PS3

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 – PS3

Don’t know why I bother, really.

But let’s do this, anyway.

Right. Welcome to the next instalment of everybody’s favourite wrestling series, WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 – now with so many bells and whistles, that it feels suffocating, like a giant man’s armpit. The first thing that gets your attention is the HUGE amount of modes, options, configurations etc. They are EVERYWHERE and are this edition’s selling point. To quote:

“It’s your world now.” Nice.

Create your characters. Create finishing moves. Get this – you can now create – wait for it – finishing moves off the top rope! Create outfit designs, and stories to mimic those seen on TV, if you like. Having so many options may be an absolute dream for diehard fans out there. I get that. But oh my god – this is sick. This is serious.

I guess it’s nice that you can go online and upload your created stories, moves and what-not as well as downloading other people’s creations, but with the amount of time and effort put into these creations I felt I should be getting paid for it. To be honest I really couldn’t care less.

Anyway – let’s talk about the gameplay. Or rather, let’s not.

All your characters are here. Your Triple H, your Undertaker.. And many, many others, keeping fairly up-to-date with the actual roster in… ‘real life’. Fortunately, for those quick to point out that things aren’t what they should be, updates will be available in future on the Playstation Store.

This is no plug-‘n’-play business here. First off, would you like a one-on-one match? Tag team? Fatal Four-way? Okay – after that, what kind of match? Normal? Table? Hell in the Cell? Extreme Rules? You get the picture so let’s move on.

Here’s a tip: only ever play against human opponents as AI has NEVER  been the series’ strong point. Watch in amazement, as a CPU fighter will leave the ring – find a ladder – bring it back in the ring – walk around with it a bit – leave themselves open to having said ladder stolen from them – and then pretty much invite you to wrap it around their head. And man – I wish I could recover that quickly from being slammed through a burning table (yes fans – BURNING TABLES ARE BACK!!!).

Even having a ring full of CPU characters doesn’t compensate for their stupidity nor does cranking up the difficulty. You’ll need to be cool with this before even considering taking on the game’s preset ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ story modes, and the others included.

With AI this dumb, I defy you not to ask yourself, “Who’s the real dumbass here?”

Oh, how I miss WWE: No Mercy, on the N64.

To sum it up, this is for WWE fans ONLY. True WWE fans. The enormous amount of game modes on offer will keep them tinkering till the final bell and perhaps they will manage to overlook the major issues, no problem. Many will just be happy to see that Randy Orton’s neck looks lifelike, not that I’ve checked, or anything.

For everyone else, particularly those who enjoy a quick drop-in game every now and then, stay away. You will get lost in this stuff, and want to hit somebody around the head with a chair!


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