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Posted by drew10 on Jan 12, 2010
Gaming New 12th Jan 2010

Gaming New 12th Jan 2010

Reaching For The Stars!

US games magazine GameInformer has published news on Halo Reach and some of the new features that will be included in Bungie’s true follow up to Halo 3, we wont mention ODST, crap we just did!

Some of the new features sound intriguing and hopefully Reach is shaping up to be a true Halo game. Here are the ones that are really tweaking our interest at G4A,

The game is set only days before the begining of the first Halo game and follows the stry of a company of six Spartans called Team Noble. Bungie is keen to highlight a much bigger scale of combat, with the developer claiming massive set piece battles and what it describes as a cinematic war journalism type shaky camera, or to be more precise “We ripped it off Gears Of War.”

The developer also talks of making the covenant more dangerous and leaning towards a more serious look at the Halo franchise. Hopefully this wont take away some of the more comedic moments that were supplied by the covenant grunts.

There were a whole list of weapons and armour listed which I cant be bothered to go over as I am sure you will read about in time. But the multi-player options sound good featuring a four-player campaign mode, two player co-op split-screen and of course 16 player deathmatches.

The article has some hands-on time with the game and claims the games engine is considerably more advanced than that of the previous Halo games. This was a necessity in my opinion as the games were looking tired among today’s title.

So that is it, hardly an exclusive but then you may not have seen it!

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