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Posted by drew10 on Jan 28, 2010
Gaming News 28th Jan 2010

Gaming News 28th Jan 2010

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree!

So in one of the tech worlds worst kept secrets Apple finally announced the iPad. In what can only be one of the most underwhelming revelations of all time the 9.7inch (Screen size) and 0.7KG device bares a remarkable resemblance to a novelty sized iPhone.

In fact when you begin to look deeper into what the iPad actually is, it would seem that this is little more than a giant-sized iPod touch. Featuring the use of all the apps in the app store and having an almost identical interface to that of Apples other devices the iPad is heralded as “The best way to experience the web, emails, photos and video.” although it is really hard to see exactly where this device will sit in the market.

If it is designed as a cool and funky way to browse the net etc, then surely the price-tag of £600 (TBC) will put most general consumers off, especially when you can buy a netbook for a little under £200. Also the lack of any kind of keyboard out of the box (the iPad is compatible with the mac keyboard)  also means annoying touch screen typing.

Also, as any iPhone/Touch users will testify apples mobile version of the Safari browser does not feature either Flash or Media Player support meaning great swathes of online video are inaccessible. No news yet on whether the same will apply to the iPad.

Okay so what does this all mean to games? Well the Apples app store already hosts a massive choice of good games so any prospective iPad user instantly has access to huge selection of games, although any that require the virtual thumb pads will be awkward given the size of the machine.

Okay so they are the gripes what does the iPad have to offer? Well honestly the photo handling looks brilliant and the way your albums are displayed in stacks that are accessed by pinching them open and viewed full screen. The screens quality is also worth a mention, the 9.7inch touch screen is stunning, using a beefed up version of the one used on iPhone and video looks truly awesome on it.

Another cool app/innovation that comes pre-installed is iBooks, (Am I the only one getting a little pissed off with having to start everything with the letter ‘i’?) iBooks, is a reader and store rolled into one and with the quality of the screen the pages are bright and easy on the eye. Apple have really come up trumps with this app and if they do one thing right that is making stiff look great.

Still, whether there is enough here to part with over 500 quid is open to debate, especially as there we still do not know whether the iPad will suffer the same browser limitations that the iPhone does. You know that Apple’s rich lifestyle fanboys will lap it up but whether it will ever make the mainstream remains to be seen. You can see all the features in this video featuring lots of Apple bods being nauseatingly sycophantic about their new baby

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2 Responses to “Gaming News 28th Jan 2010”

  1. moonhead says:

    I had actually got myself excited about this thing and I am now bitterly disappointed. As far as I can see it is just another way for Apple to make more money from new found media revenue streams. As we had iTunes with both music and video sewn up and the App store we now have iBooks. All this said I still want to have a play with one but not sure whether I will be buying one. To sum it up succinctly in one word BOLLOCKS

  2. NUFCRULE (Liam) says:

    i hadnt heard of this till yesterday when was announced at ‘latest creation’ event
    worlds worst secret has got to be the ps3 slim, pictures were leaked months before its announcement

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