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Posted by drew10 on Mar 1, 2010

Playstation Bug!!

Not to be outdone by Microsoft’s Red Rings of Death PS3 users have begun reporting a major problem with their PS3’s today.

In a peculiar millennium bug style error, it seems that older ‘fat’ PS3’s calendars are unable to tell that today is the 1st March (Newer Slim units appear unaffected.) Users who have switched on their machines today have been greeted by an error code 8001050F. This initially looks like just a PSN connection error but it seems that many users are reporting trouble with trophies and also the corruption of data.?

Official word from Sony is that they are working around the clock to get this issue sorted although how they will be able to do this if none of us are able to connect to PSN to download an update remains unclear.

If you have not switched your PS3 yet today the best advice is DON’T! Leave it till tomorrow and hopefully it will be all back to normal.

Some conspiracy theories are already doing the rounds suggesting that because the clock was changed in the PS3 slim that Sony perhaps already knew this issue existed. Unlikely, but not beyond reason.

If you have been affected by this let us know so we can begin to see the extent of the problem.


Sony have just released a new press statement, read the link here

Apparently All Is Now Resolved!!

 Sony have released a new statement confirming that the problem has now been resolved. You can read it here.

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3 Responses to “Playstation Bug!!”

  1. Gil says:

    I can confirm that it has indeed affected my 60GB launch console. Clock reset to Dec 31 1999.

    My 250GB slim on the other hand is unaffected. Still works fine and the date and time are correct.

  2. moonhead says:

    Apparently according to Sony all should be fine now. Hystericaly Sony have claimed to have fixed the problem but have’nt really it is just as many assumed wait for the 2nd of March and it will rectify itself. They will however have to release some kind of firmware update as this could and will most likely happen again without one. To see the last update follow this link.

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