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Posted by drew10 on Apr 23, 2010
Gaming on a Budget Part 2 – PSN

Gaming on a Budget Part 2 – PSN

In the second part of our gaming on a budget feature we will focus on The Playstation Network. PSN is Sony’s web portal that gives you access to games, demos, movies and Playstation Home.

There is a wide range of PS1 back catalogue available, many of which are classics from yesteryear and still play well today. However, we will be concentrating on the games PS3 titles that are available to buy online only. Some of the ones listed below may be duplicated in the Xbox list but a most are exclusives.

Note: Games marked with * are also available on XBLA

Wipeout HD/Fury – Wipeout is one of the titles that launched the PS1 and remains to this day one of, if not the, best futuristic racers around. Wipeout HD brought the series to PS3 via download only on PSN, costing a mere £13.99 its stunning visuals, ear blistering sound track and classic gameplay were complemented by online racing as well. The expansion pack ‘Fury’ has expanded on everything ‘HD’ offered with more tracks, ships and modes and again all for a paltry . If you own a PS3 and don’t own either of these titles, then shame on you! HD alone costs £13.99 and the Fury add-on will set you back £7.99, or there is the choice to purchase it all in one go for only £17.99!

Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic – Created by the same team responsible Little Big Planet and featuring a similar graphical style, Rag Doll Kung Fu is a highlight of PSN. The four-player beat-em-up plays in a similar way to Nintendo’s Smash Bros Brawl. With lots of great and comedic characters and more to unlock throughout this is the perfect party game. A total bargain and a must for any collection. The game costs £7.99 and now has added value by way of two new downloadable characters that are free!! There is also a timesavers download pack for £1.59 that will open up all of the games characters without the need to complete it.

Flower – Derided in some quarters but loved here at G4A, flower is a unique title that once again proves that games do not all need to be about guns or cars. You play as the wind blowing petals through the air as you manipulate the way the wind blows using 6-axis controls, you need to collect more petals that spout flowers, turn a dark colourless world into a bright and vibrant place. The feelings of tranquillity and sheer joy obtained from playing this game are like taking a long sunny day acid trip, probably! A truly creative and unique title that is highly recommended, we are still hoping for some new missions on DLC but there has been no word yet. Hippy heaven for just £6.29!

The Last Guy – A strange fair hailing from Japan. The world is in danger from giant monsters and you are a super hero who needs to save the population of famous cities from around the world. The aerial view of this game gives it a retro feeling as does the gameplay, but the satellite photos of the real cities it uses makes the game look great. Run around the streets, collecting people from buildings and escort them back to the safe zone. It sounds simple, it is anything but, it is challenging and great fun. The Last Guy costs £6.29 with a bonus mission pack for £1.59, nice!

Pain – One of PSN’s most successful titles and again something completely different. In Pain you control a character attached to a giant catapult. Firing your character through he air into various objects, buildings or explosives allows you to build up massive scores depending on the amount of mayhem and of course pain you can cause. Hours of fun and laughs, and there are even extra DL characters including David Hasslehoff, what more needs to be said? The basic game is available for £6.29 but there are loads of add-ons ranging from £0.79 to about £5.

Lead And Gold – Only recently released Lead And Gold is an online multi-player deathmatch game set in the wikiwiki-wild wild west! Brilliant fun and great looking this game is a must for fans of FPS deathmatches. The use of old style weapons means that the gameplay is evenly matched even for beginners. Plenty of fun to be had here and all for only £11.99.

Outrun Online Arcade* – An updated version of Sega’s original Outrun 2 game that was available on PS2 and Xbox. This takes all of that true arcade racing action and adds sharper visuals and an online race mode. Featuring 10 different Ferrari’s remixed music based on the original Outrun music, Outrun Online Arcade brings one of the best-loved racing games back into your hearts and into your home for only £7.99

After Burner Climax* – Following on from Outrun comes another much-loved Sega arcade classic. After Burner features a remake of the fast jet fighter shoot-em-up. With brilliant eye-bleeding visuals and ultra-fast gameplay this is one for only those who like their shooters in the old-school manic fashion. It is fast and frantic and great value at £7.99. I am hoping that Space Harrier is the next in line for a makeover.

Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty – Playstation’s platforming heroes get their own DL game. Robot clank has been kidnapped by the Zoni and it is up to Ratchet to save him, in this pirate themed platform follow-up to Tools of Destruction. Featuring a vast array of baddies and a fantastic arsenal of futuristic weapons including the all new Omniwrench this is a must for anyone who liked the original game or loves a good platformer, especially at £11.99.

So there you have it, proof if needed that you can get some great games on PS3 without breaking the bank! Part 3 will feature Xbox Live Arcade!

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4 Responses to “Gaming on a Budget Part 2 – PSN”

  1. moonhead says:

    Good list Drew but it is missing one essential purchase on PSN and that my good friend is Super Stardust HD.

  2. NUFCRULE says:

    wooo PAIN !! , still have great fun with that game and am still in some of the top 10 in leaderboards
    Rag doll kung fu is great fun with friends , and the last guy was strange to me but different

  3. drew10 says:

    I also missed the most excellent Trine which our readers should look up when they get the chance.

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