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Posted by drew10 on Jun 1, 2010
Feature: London Expo 2010

Feature: London Expo 2010

London Expo:

With the lack of any real and dedicated video games show in the UK means that the London Expo is one of the few opportunities for games companies to show off their wares and of course Game4anything was there to bring you the news.


Super Mario Galaxy 2

The only console manufacturer to have a stand and Nintendo had a couple of big guns to show off. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the main draw with a three level playable demo being gleefully snapped up by the public. We played it and yes it is going to be awesome!

Also on the stand was Samurai Warriors 3 for Wii from Tecmo Koei,  it looked to be quite special!

An early version of Dragon Quest IX for DSi was playable and seemed to be shaping up quite well. Other games on the stand included Monster Hunter Tri, Professor Layton, Sin & Punishment 2 and WarioWare DIY of which Sin and Punishment 2 was our pick of the bunch.


Transformers: War For Cybertron

Activision’s stall gave the world its first play of Transformers: War for Cybertron and to be honest I am yet to be convinced. Yes it is a marked improvement from the movie tie-ins but it still feels a bit clunky. I hope that they can iron the issues out as this could be the Transformers game we have all been waiting for.

Also on their stand was a multi-player version of racing game Blur, which is one of a wealth of racing games released recently and it is pretty good too! Advertised as a Mario Kart for grown-ups it certainly looks the part!

Rising Star Games

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Rising Star Games had playable versions of SNK’s 3D beat-em-up Samurai Showdown Sen on 360 and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle on Wii. Both of which gained considerable attention throughout the show and looked good on the pods.

We will have reviews of both games very shortly.

Tecmo Koei

Quantum Theory

Yes the company of the bouncing boobs had an impressive outing at London Expo with Fist Of The North Star (Working title) getting its first showing outside of Japan. The 3D brawler looks good and we will have more on it as soon as we get it.

Undoubtedly the star of the stand though was a playable version of the excellent looking Quantum Theory. Heavily influenced by Gears of War but with a big slice of Japan thrown in, the 3rd Person shooter is really shaping up to be a surprise package for this years releases.  We are trying desperately to secure a review copy and will let you know how it shapes up.

All in all, the London Expo proved to be a good outing for the companies that decided to attend although it does make you pine for ECTS and we at G4A hope that at some point in the near future someone does bring the British gaming public a show they deserve.

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