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Posted by drew10 on Oct 1, 2010
Alien Breed 2: Assault – Team 17 – XBLA

Alien Breed 2: Assault – Team 17 – XBLA

Assault and Peppered Aliens

Corny titles aside, Team 17’s follow-up to Alien Breed: Evolution, Episode 1 (Alien Breed: Impact on PSN) is a real corker. Following on directly from the first games story Alien Breed 2: Assault takes everything we loved about the first game and ramps it up several notches. Simultaneously, it eliminates most of the things that irked from the earlier title.

We wont go into depth about the storyline as you can read it in our earlier review here but we will pick up from where the story left off. You again play engineer Theodore J. Conrad only now he has  left his ship, the Leopold, and entered the ghost ship with which the Leopold collided in the first game. You are again assisted by the AI Mia however this time she disconnects herself from the Leopold and comes over to the ghost ship in an attempt to overtake the ships Mainframe. Cue sections of Conrad protecting Mia against swarms of alien nastiness.

Assault’s narrative is told through the same comic-book-style, cut-scenes as the first game. But as the story progresses it opens up revealing surprising plot twists, we wont reveal these here though, no we wont. You will just have to play it to find out.

Alien Breed 2: Assault ups the mayhem with a new ‘Webber’ alien added to some huge boss battles and brilliant set-pieces. There is one in particular that deserves a mention, when Conrad is on a train being attacked by a giant, er, thing! However, these boss battles do sometimes seem to be easier than the sections where you need to survive against waves of the smaller aliens. The excellent ‘Sentry Guns’ that you can use to automatically eliminate baddies have now also been turned against any human intruders so be warned not to trip the red laser beams.

To enable you to deal with these giant bosses and swarms of aliens, Team 17 have tooled you up with some impressive new weaponry. The ‘Hyper Blaster’ is a large and very powerful mini-gun which takes a few seconds to warm up but then sprays out death at an awesome rate. Added to this is the ‘Rocket Launcher’ which, er fires rockets, and a new ‘Hardened Armour’ suit which will, for a limited amount of hits, turn you into a double-hard-bastard! There are also new Avatar items up for grabs along the way as well.

The games graphics have also been tweaked with improved textures and even more impressive lighting effects adding to the sense of immersion.

If the first game had one major gripe it was the way-point markers being stuck in a solitary position on the map. This would lead to lots of backtracking and frustrating gameplay. To their credit Team 17 have obviously listened to the feedback and now the waypoint markers are dynamic moving as you reach. This means they are now much easier to follow as they lead you through the maps and to you destinations. It makes the game flow much better and does not have you retracing your steps though areas that are empty of enemies.

As exclusively revealed in our preview Assault now features a new game mode for co-op missions. ‘Survivor’ sees you and a mate team up to, as the name suggests, survive as long as possible against ever-increasing waves of aliens.  All of the games other co-op games return from the first game, with various individual missions able to be undertaken in the assault mode. All of which can be played either locally or online.

Alien Breed 2: Assault is more of the same yet an improvement on everything that came before. The little niggles from the first title have been ironed out providing us with a better flowing and more intense action game.We can’t wait for the final instalment of this excellent trilogy!

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