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Posted by drew10 on Oct 6, 2010
EA take the Edge off Langdell's Court Case

EA take the Edge off Langdell's Court Case

Recently Edge Games supremo Tim Langdell took EA to court in America n an attempt to claim that Mirror’s Edge was an infringement upon his company’s copyright.

However, EA were able to prove that not only was this not the case but rather that Langdell was responsible for falsifying evidence to support his claim.

Talking to, Jas Purewal, lawyer and author of Gamer/Law said, “He tried to stop EA from using it [The word Edge.] but now that EA has been very comprehensively vindicated, while technically he can continue with the lawsuit, I’m not really sure what there is to do, because the court has come down so comprehensively in EA’s favour, largely influenced by the fact that he quite clearly had doctored most of the evidence which he had put forward to try and claim the trademarks in the first place. I mean, he just made things up.” He went on to say, “Unless they [The US Patent office.] Have got anything that makes them think that there are potential issues, they’re not going to conduct a forensic enquiry. So when, for example, Langdell put forward a cover from Edge magazine in 2004 and said it was his, no-one there in the US decided to look at what the actual Edge magazine cover in 2004 had been. But when EA put evidence of that forward, it was quite clear that it had been doctored.

Edge Magazine has never been a favourite of ours and now it seems that Edge Games could potentially be stripped of all of its trademarks. Unfortunately for Langdell he could also be subject to civil or even a criminal actions for lying to the court so blatantly.

For those of you who are interested here is a link to the cover he mocked up. Any of you familiar with Edge Magazine will see instantly why EA were not so easily fooled by this.

There is a brilliant article by Matt from on Langdell’s nefarious years in the industry it makes good reading here!

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