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Posted by eddierichards on Feb 22, 2011
Marvel Vs Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds (Capcom, Playstation 3)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds (Capcom, Playstation 3)

It’s been a long wait; eleven years in fact, since Marvel vs Capcom 2 was released on the Dreamcast. Being one of the few who didn’t enjoy that last chapter in the series, I had a few worries about this new, third instalment. I was wrong to worry. so wrong.

In case you know nothing of the series, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is the latest tale of two universes (franchises) brought together to do battle, and save, well.. Everything.  The story goes that, Doctor Doom and Albert Wesker get all pally, and try to merge their universes together – but in doing so, they’ve attracted the attention of a far greater threat, so the good guys are here to right the wrongs.

You get to pit Capcom’s greatest World Warriors, Darkstalkers, STARS members, etc, against Marvel Comics’ mightiest gods, mutants, and green giants. Known for being a series that isn’t as ‘Hardcore’ or as technical and serious a beat-em-up as the likes of Street Fighter, it’s generally a fighter that is rather more accessible to beginners. However, with MvC, a  battle between a ‘Newbie’ and a relative pro will see the newbie finished off quickly. And with this new episode, they’ll be finished off even faster.

Much has been added since part 2 (Mercifully MvC2’s terrible soundtrack has been almost completely done away with!), and, disregarding future downloadable content, I’m happy with the end result.

From the off, Capcom has gone all ‘Hollywood Blockbuster’ here, with the cool intro movies, and dramatic superhero score. Everything is presented in a beautiful comic book manner – artwork, fonts, colours.It is  all very sharp, clear and crisp. It looks so much like a comic, that it kinda makes Capcom’s character roster look a little out of place, or like Marvel Studio made the game, and decided to let Ryu & co. tag along.

As impressed as I was with Tatsunoko Vs Capcom on Wii, it suddenly looks poor next to this. Graphically, this is as good as it gets, or rather, needs to be. Goodbye to those rehashed 2D sprites from MvC 1 & 2 (and a few other games) – now we have these beautifully-animated, beautifully-textured 3D characters, with perfect attention to detail .

The same applies to the battlegrounds – which are big, busy event-filled environments – and again, full of amazing detail. They can distract you, if you’re not careful!

Characters’ normal moves look great, Super moves look awesome with huge, bright pyrotechnics everywhere, although pulling off She-Hulk’s dropkick can leave you looking like an arse if you mess it up. The warning of flashing images on starting up the game is of great importance. You have been warned!! Ultimately, Capcom has nailed it – this is how it should look.

The accompanying music is all very fitting. You also have the option to make all game music (and effects) play in Classic mode (a more synthesized, pop style), or Dynamic mode which  pretty much swaps all the synths for strings. Special mention goes to the House tune on the ‘Mission’ screen – it repeats too quickly, but has firmly lodged itself in my mind! Character voices are cool too with each sounding similar to how the characters have been portrayed in recent films and cartoons.

As is becoming the norm, you get to choose from Online and Offline battles. In a very similar fashion to Street Fighter IV, you can opt to play against the computer, and allow online opponents to challenge you. This can get very annoying at times, especially when you get close to the end of Arcade mode, and get constant ‘HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!!’ messages on-screen – luckily, this can be switched off. You can also choose to play online completely, searching for or creating game lobbies, sparring with all-sorts around the globe.

Another likeness MvC3 shares with SFIV is the aforementioned Mission mode, where you are given the task of performing set moves and combinations with each character, a la SFIV’s ‘Challenge mode’. As far as game modes go, there is not a huge amount on offer, but there is enough to keep you busy. All challenges in MvC3 and just about everything you do in the game, seems to grant you some kind of gift – anything from gallery artwork, to icons and titles (SFIV-style), to PSN trophies. I must have won 10 or so trophies in only half-hour’s play, yet the pressies keep on coming. I have no idea how I earned half of them.

A nice touch worthy of mention for the nerd in you, is seeing how certain characters interact with each over. Depending on which characters you choose, who faces who first, or who knocks who out last in a battle, you get to hear/read comments based on their relationship to each other. So, for example, Wolverine and his clone ‘X23’ (A recent creation in the world of Marvel Comics, with Adamantium claws in her feet, as well as arms.) will strike up banter, with the clone challenging the original for ‘top dog’ position.

Whilst MvC3 ‘s character roster seems light with a compliment of 38 compared to MvC2‘s 56, but I think the roster size is fine. I love the choice of fighters here – some are very surprising, and they’re all well-matched. The usual heroes from both clans are here, plus the likes of Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Marvel cult hero, Deadpool, plus a few more surprises. Additional guys and girls look to be thrown in to give old fighters more personal enemies to do battle with, but again, it’s a surprise, and a nice nostalgia trip for comic book readers such as myself and Capcom aficionados alike. It is good to see some classic heroes and villains dusted off and given a new lick of paint. I’m gutted the Fantastic Four still haven’t shown up, but with a load of DLC set to appear, you never know..! I guess the FF-mimicking ‘Super Skrull’, and former member She-Hulk will do!

While it lasts, there is much fighting fun to be had here, although I can’t shake the feeling that after a few months, it won’t be spending a great deal of time in my PS3. Despite the huge wealth of hidden goodies to be discovered, and as hugely entertaining as this game is, the whole package feels somewhat lacking. Maybe a horizontal-scrolling beat’em up mode could’ve been thrown in to add longevity and variation.

Now that Final Fight’s Mike Haggar has made a triumphant return, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, would it?  Also, even though I understand there being less characters in this to the previous chapter’s 2D legion, it won’t take long for me to get to know them. Hopefully, after talk of new characters such as STARS member Jill Valentine on the way, this future DLC could be promising although unlikely to be free.

For now, I’ll be happily enjoying saving the world, and avidly searching for more hidden secrets locked away in MvC3.

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