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Posted by moonhead on Oct 21, 2011
Pinball FX2 / Sorcerer’s Lair / Zen Studios

Pinball FX2 / Sorcerer’s Lair / Zen Studios

With Drew having reviewed the heck out of Pinball FX2 back in May I was bitterly disappointed to have missed out. But due to Drew’s Xbox going the way of the dreaded Red Ring again I have been finally got a chance to get in on some good old-fashioned Pinball action.

Due to our earlier review which you can read here I will not have to go into too much detail but needless to say Pinball FX2 is the premier pinball title to be found anywhere. Leaving me to just drool over Zen Studios latest DLC table Sorcerer’s Lair. As you would expect from Zen Studios the table is a dream to look at if a little gloomy in theme. Also considering the table is a Zen Studios original design and not based on an ongoing licensed IP, like a lot of the Pinball FX tables the art design is stunning. With a special mention going to the animated sections, especially Whisper the Ghost.

There is loads of variety within the table too including two separate areas, one of which is a puzzle where you guide the ball through a set of cogs with your flipper presses changing the direction. The second area is a smaller pinball table and in this area you are trying to kill spiders. To get to these areas you have to activate them in the time-honoured pinball tradition of attaining multipliers, of which there is too many to mention here.

If I had to be picky, and I do as its my job. The only negative I can find would be that it is a little difficult to figure out exactly how to attain the huge amount multipliers and other extra features. There is a set of instructions to be found within the pause menu but these do not explain things thoroughly either. Other than this minor niggle Sorcerer’s Lair is a fine addition to the many tables on offer with in Pinball FX2 and is probably one of the top two or three tables to be found.

As if that wasn’t enough the wonderful people at Zen Studios are giving us all a free Halloween treat, no trick honest! On October 26th you will be able to download the newest table Paranormal for free. This offer will only last one week so I suggest you get in there quick!!




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