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Posted by drew10 on Oct 6, 2011
Review: Renegdae Ops – Sega – Avalanche Studios – XBLA

Review: Renegdae Ops – Sega – Avalanche Studios – XBLA

Heads up Renegades we have a mission for you and it’s going to blow your socks off.

Renegade Ops is the latest game to come developer Avalanche Studios who were responsible for Just Cause 1&2. They have taken all the fun of those games and condensed it into a crazy, top-down, vehicle-based shooter. Taking a huge slice of inspiration from classics such as Desert Strike this is Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network gaming at its very best.

You play one of four members of an elite team called the ‘Renegades’ whose commander has taken it upon himself to rid the world of the evil terrorist/super villain ‘Inferno’. Each member of the team has their own unique vehicle, each with its own special ability, like EMP’s or Airstrikes. Other weapons like a rocket launcher and rail gun can be collected and used when needed and your main weapon can be upgraded with power-ups. This will revert to your normal weedy gun upon dying. Killing enemies or completing missions earns experience points that can be used to upgrade your vehicle before the start of each mission.

But this is not only ground based combat, on no. On top of all the ground-based madness these Renegades also take to the air. Certain sections of the game will require you to fly helicopters as well. Although there is no vertical lift in these, meaning you need to fly around parts of the scenery rather than over it.

There is no subtlety with Renegade Ops, using a dual-stick drive and shoot control method the aim is destroy as much of the enemy as possible. You do get set certain goals within each mission like saving prisoners or destroying a tank to obtain a keycard from the officer inside. Whilst the missions add variety each is achieved by one thing and one thing only, maximum destruction and we love it! In fact there is one section where a rescued agent tells you that you need to find a way to sneak past ‘Inferno’s’ sergeants. Your commander replies, “Sneaking isn’t even in the manual, take out those sergeants, Renegades.” It brought a smile to our face and sums up everything this game is about.

The levels are huge but thankfully you are guided to your destinations by way pointers in the middle of the screen. The longer these are the further you are away from your target. Red ones highlight your primary objective whilst secondary ones are grey.

Graphically, Renegade Ops is about as good as it gets. The environments are lush and detailed, the explosions and weaponry are huge and the set pieces are massive. Occasionally you will lose where your car is, under some dense shrubbery or inside a huge ball of fire but in general the whole thing looks and plays brilliantly. The cut-scenes are played out in comic book style animation which adds to the overall feel that Avalanche have achieved.

The sound matches the visuals in every way. The gun fire and explosions and massive, seriously rocking the G4A surround sound system. The cut-scenes are dubbed with cheesy, clichéd character voices but, whilst poorly acted just seem to add to the general feel of the game.

Renegade Ops offers up a single player experience of some distinction then but the fun doesn’t stop there, nosiree bob. Team up with a mate for 2-player local co-op or even 4-player online. Both work excellently and both add a new level of mayhem to the overall madness.

You can probably tell, we like Renegade Ops. A lot! No it wont tax your grey-matter and no it wont leave you feeling serene or peaceful but it will take you right back to a time when gaming was about one thing and one thing only, fun! It’s time to buckle-up Renegades and let’s go blow some shit up!

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