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Posted by Liam on Nov 28, 2011
Motorstorm: RC racing into your homes and hands early next year

Motorstorm: RC racing into your homes and hands early next year

Evolution Studios recently took to the stage at a PlayStation Vita event in London, displaying their new game Motorstorm: RC for the Vita and PlayStation Network. As the debut trailer describes, the game is smaller than ever! Featuring 16 miniature recreations of tracks from the previous games, you’ll race virtual remote control cars round the circuit. Built to be played on the Vita and PS3 via the PlayStation Network, the game allows for a clever new technology we’ve seen from the Vita called cross play, which allows Vita players to play multiplayer races seamlessly with those playing on the PlayStation 3.

The smaller-take on the Motorstorm franchise is a top-down racer, similar to classic racing game Micro Machines, offering modes like pre-setup races, lap challenges and skill-based mini games such as drift races (first to score a set-number of points). Then jump into multiplayer racing, compete against friends or anyone in the world, race fastest-lap courses with leaderboards and earn the usual set of PSN trophies.

Motorstorm: RC comes across as the type of game that is very easy to pick-up and play on the go and looks to be a very interesting neat title for the PS Vita. The simple controls help contribute to this, making use of the Vita’s two analogue sticks, drive the little car by steering with the left stick and accelerating with the right stick. The controls are completely customisable, so you can change them to suit you and we presume the PS3’s default will match the portable version’s controls using the analogue sticks.

The downloadable title looks to include some stunning visuals (at least for a portable game) and quick loading times (the PS3 version takes 2 seconds to load) with fun-addictive style racing. A whole load of features to get stuck in too and it certainly brings something new to the Motorstorm formula. Sony are to offer a deal upon release on the PlayStation Network, which will offer the Vita and PS3 version packaged together and we at Game4Anything hope this title will be ready for the Vita’s February 22nd launch, only adding to what already looks a stunning list of launch-titles.

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