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Posted by drew10 on Nov 9, 2011
Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception – PS3 – Naughty Dog – Sony

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception – PS3 – Naughty Dog – Sony

Rarely is there a series of games that has earned the accolades that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted has. After the success of Uncharted 2: Drakes Fortune (winning our game of the year 2009) it was a monumental task for the team to live up to that, let alone improve it. Thankfully for all the Drake fans, Naughty Dog have once again pulled it out of the bag. Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception is an unmitigated success.

The third game in the multi-million selling series, Uncharted 3, sees protagonist Nathan ‘Nate’ Drake continue searching for answers regarding his long lost relative Sir Francis Drake. This time he is investigating an event when on one of his expeditions Drakes crew disappeared for a a few months. ‘ After being double crossed in a deal to sell Sir Francis Drakes ring to the games villain, Talbot Drake sets off to find out for himself. Following Talbot back to his hideout Drake manages to locate T.E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) notebook. This sets Drake on a journey that will take him around the globe in a breathtaking adventure searching for the lost city of Ubar otherwise known as the ‘Atlantis of the Sands.

As an the previous games in the series Nate is supported by his trusted friend and mentor Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan. The game also sees the return of Chloe Frazier and Elena Fisher as well as the introduction of the Londoner Charlie Cutter. As always the characterisation is simply genre defining. Uncharted boasts the best cast, voice-acting, script and storyline you will find in any game. It is the marriage of a true movie-style script and the brilliant performances from the cast that sets these games apart. These are characters that you truly empathise with and care for. You really feel for them and want them to succeed. The interplay between Nate and the other characters is so natural and genuinely emotive that the level of immersion created is astounding. This really is a close to being in a film as you can get.

Of course, even the greatest storyline would be for nothing if the game itself wasnt so excellent. The mixture of platform adventuring, shooting, fighting and puzzle-solving has never been so perfectly implemented. Whether it is the brilliant fight sequences that look like something straight out of an action movie or the intense gunfights, the gameplay is so balanced that every second is a true joy to play. It is true that some of the puzzle sections could have been a little more challenging but this is a very minor gripe.

The fact that you can choose to go gun-ho or take out the guards one-by-one in a stealthy manner is a welcome treat. Generally though even the most Ninja-like among us will end up in a gunfight.

There is no better example of the graphical excellence that can be acheived in the right hands. Uncharted 3 is the best looking game of the generation so far, bar none. The quality of some of the levels leads you to want to look around and ignore the intense action that is going on around you. Sadly this is rarely possible. The final levels are simply stunning and show off what the PS3 is still capable of. Lighting effects throughout are some of the best seen on a console and Naughty Dog were at pains to point out the graphic engine that makes the sand react in a natural way. The effect was worth them boasting about, if just a little bit nerdy!

As mentioned the voice-acting is brilliant but likewise so is the sound. The blockbuster movie feel is only added to by the excellent orchestral score that backs the action. And the now familiar theme tune is becoming as memorable as the Indiana Jones theme. The sound of it sent shivers of anticipation down my spine when it first played.

Of course with all this excellence there has to be a pay-off somewhere. Unfortunately the game time is barely 8 hours on average (with some claiming to have finished in under 7). This is a shame but for some reason you do not feel cheated. The game moves at such a pace, seamlessly moving from one huge set-piece to another, never letting the pace drop from start to finish. Whether it be racing through a burning mansion, riding a horse through the desert on fighting in the streets of London it never lets up. There is one level when you are chasing a convoy however, that is ‘borrowed’ directly from Uncharted 2 and this felt a little cheap.

The controls also feel a little loose, expecially when played dirtectly after Batman: Arkham City. There are some frustrating moments when tighter controls would have made life easier. Missing ledges when being chased because of loose controls is more-than-a-little annoying. This is a issue that has worked its way from the last game and one we had hoped would have been rectified by now. For the most part though the controls work well but we are hoping for tighter movement in the next instalment.

Of course the excellent multi-player returns for Uncharted 3 and on top of this there is now the chance to play certain sections of the game in 2 player co-op. These sections are taken out of the story when Sully and Nate are working together to take out the badguys. This mode can be played either online or in split-screen. This adds a little longevity to the title but we still want more game time.

Overall then, Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception is pure gaming nirvana. It’s blend of styles work seamlessly together to deliver one of the very best games of all times. Whether it is as good as the second part is open for debate but one thing is for sure this is going to take some beating in the Game of the Year awards. We just can’t wait for part four although we suspect we might have to wait for PS4 to play it, it is a mouth-watering, pant-bulging prospect.

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  1. Liam says:

    Fantastic game, one of the best i have ever played… i would put it on a level with the second game, and the single player felt like it could have been a little longer… and im loving the multiplayer!

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