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Posted by drew10 on Apr 5, 2012
Wheels Of Destruction – PSN – Gelid Games

Wheels Of Destruction – PSN – Gelid Games

Gaming goes in fads and right now we are in a cars with guns cycle. With the full price Twisted Metal leading the way and only recently Smash ‘N’ Survive on PSN, developers are simply loving offering us wheels and guns. However there is always room for a good driving game where you get to blow the crap out of your opponents. So now we have Wheels of Destruction (WoD) from Gelid Games and the question is, is this a good driving game?

Built on the Unreal Engine WoD is an arena based car game where destruction is the name of the game. Playing out like a FPS on wheels it firmly reminds us of the classic Vigilante 8. The action is fast and furious (no pun intended) and there are plenty of vehicle classes to choose from. Gameplay is as you would imagine, drive about, find another car, blow the shit out of it! Repeat!

Three game modes are on offer and they are hardly original. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag are all you get, but then are pretty much all you need. The game is split into classes that reward playing styles although to be fair these classes hardly change the paying experience. The levels are big, feature some neat ideas and are littered with power-ups that improve your vehicle. Again these are standard power-ups that you would find in any similar game. Some of the levels are so large however, that you can find yourself driving around all alone looking for anyone to have a scrap with.

Gelid Games have managed to wring out some sharp visuals for the environments from the Unreal Engine. Unfortunately the vehicles do not share the same level of polish and look decidedly average.

WoD has all the ingredients of  a great game but it is sorely let down by the controls. Utilising the same idea of steering that we saw in Halo, you point the camera where you want the car to go.  It was a stupid control method in Halo and for the life of me I can’t see why the developers have implemented this control method. It is just so unnatural and takes a lot of getting used to, even if you are experienced in Halo driving. The worse thing is, when things get a little hectic you find yourself trying to rotate the camera to get a shot only to get completely confused and frustrated as your thumbs muscle memory takes over and you try to drive the car away. If you persevere you can get the hang of the controls but even then you will still find them ultimately annoying when under pressure. The developers are obviously aware that the controls are an issue, so much so in fact that they have released a video to try to explain how to do it. You can watch it here.

In order to really master the controls you will need to put in a lot of time with this game. Unfortunately the game itself doesn’t have enough to keep you coming back. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to like about Wheels of Destruction and it is certainly better than Smash ‘N’ Survive if the controls were more standard then it could have been a hit. Some will be anal enough to bother mastering the steering. Me? I have far too much drinking to do to be bothered.

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