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Posted by drew10 on Jan 3, 2014
Game of the Year 2013

Game of the Year 2013

This year we are doing something slightly different with our Game of the Year award. Every year we usually pool our resources and then I spend about a week trying to work out which, out of the lists the G4A bods sent me were our favourite games of the year.

This year I couldn’t be arsed so I have decided to list the top five games from each of our team and then choose the overall winner. This way you get a more balanced opinion and I get to the pub much faster. I have also asked them to tell us their highlights and lowlights of the year.


1. The Last Of Us – The best story driven game of the generation. It nearly brought a tear to my eye.

2. Luigi’s Ghost Mansion 2 – A pure example of the video game art form as near perfection as it gets.

3. GTA V – Open world stunner with more to see and do than I conceived possible in one game.

4. Super Mario 3d World – Nintendo at their imperious best genius level design and a new idea every level. Proper put a smile on your face gaming.

5. Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – The best Zelda since Ocarina of time. Enough said.

Highlights New consoles, good games arriving for the WiiU and the 3ds becoming a force to be reckoned with. GTA V finally getting the whole open world thing spot on. Microsoft’s recovery from their E3 disaster.

Low –Microsoft completely loosing the plot. A whole succession of botched game and console launches. Alien’s: Colonial Marines being completely rubbish. Nintendo failing to produce enough games for the WiiU.


1. The Last Of Us – Stunning graphics, an incredible unpredictable story and thoroughly enjoyable.

2. Grand Theft Auto 5GTA V was a huge improvement over the last GTA game in every way possible. The game brought many new things whilst staying true to the GTA formula that fans of the game love.

3. Forza 5 – Without doubt, this is the best racing simulator I have ever played. In my opinion the best looking next-gen launch title in terms of graphics but the game isn’t just all looks, it’s great fun to play and unlike most games these days I haven’t seen a single glitch in it yet.

4. Bioshock Infinite – The biggest and best Bioshock yet. The story and details in this one has been greatly thought out, it’s an exciting and fluid game to play and you certainly won’t forget the ending.

5. NBA 2K1 (Next-gen version) – Surprisingly this is ahead of Fifa 14 for me, NBA 2K14 is the best looking sports game on the new consoles but that isn’t why I’ve chosen it; this game is a bundle of fun to play and is a very easy pick-up-and-play style title. It’s also one of only a few of the new consoles games that can be played with more than one player offline

Highlights: – Grand Theft Auto online finally becoming a reality, Playing Titanfall and the launch of PS4 and Xbox One.

Lows: – Microsoft going back on all their original plans for the Xbox One – Watch_Dogs being delayed


1. Grand Theft Auto V – Not since the very first game in the series have I enjoyed putting time into a GTA game. Every game in-between failed to keep my interest and annoyed me with their numerous flaws (especially with combat, save points, and the odd glitch). Several games later, and I love Grand Theft Auto again. A very enjoyable story mode, great characters (as always), as well as even prettier visuals to look at. The only downside for me would be its Online mode (and it’s inhabitants); it takes a while to get accustomed to – and once you do, you’re better off sticking to games with your friends. I also reckon the soundtrack could have been bigger.

2. DMC (Devil May Cry) – I always overlooked the series and this style of game. I picked this one up and was very impressed. Button-bashing games that just involve tapping ‘X’ for three hours, and QTE moments, are all made to look very bad here. Other than Dante’s storyline, my highlight was how much thought I put into making a combo stylish and to not be repetitive. Cool music, cooler weapons and decent-enough boss battles, that are only slightly let down by the story’s length. However it does have a replay factor, if so inclined to collect hidden Lost Souls, and other items – as well as a downloadable extra adventure.

3. The Walking Dead/The Wolf Among Us – I love spending time going through these games. And how my decisions on what I say to whom or who I choose to rescue first, or give gifts to, or whatever, affect how characters behave around me. In particular, I love how everything I do reflects me, and gives me a look at how far I might go in the real world! I also love the stories, the beautiful artwork, relationships my character forms with others. My only low point is waiting for the next episode.

4. Killzone Mercenary – This game made me happy to dust off my PS Vita and play it again. A very lengthy story mode (not the best tale ever), kept me very busy. Decent weapons and gadgets, Fun Multiplayer modes, a mission replay style and feel that reminds me a lot of N64 Goldeneye, gorgeous graphics and a high level of immersion (especially with headphones), the whole package is only hampered (for me) by it being on the Vita. Killzone Mercenary is too big to enjoy for long without the Vita’s charger close by and it’s such a pretty game to look at that I want to see it on a bigger screen.

5. Tekken Revolution – Ultimately ‘Tekken Online’, it’s free to play, with the sole purpose of kicking ass to upgrade your fighters. No tag teams here. No fancy movies; Just fight, earn money and points to spend on upgrading. Simple. Highlights: It’s FREE! And over time, the game has had loads of options, characters, and items to win, added to it. Easy to pick up and play sporadically. Downside: little appearance customization (if bothered), unless you’re willing to spend money on PSN and even though you get a nice bonus, there are lots of people who quit mid-scrap, when they realise they’re losing. Fortunately, there are other modes, such as Arcade, where you can still Earn goodies..

1. GTA V – Features some of the best voice actors (that you have never heard of). The most lifelike online mode, with depth as far as car insurance, properties and business. Comes with all the blood, drugs, sex and violence that you expect with the Rockstar franchise.

2. Battlefield 4 The graphics on next-gen consoles are truly stunning, little things like water droplets rushing down the window and ripples in puddles as you walk through them are minuscule differences which add to the beauty of the game, the Frostbite 3 engine is a huge improvement to Battlefield 3‘s destruction engine. With all new levels that change during the matches with destructible buildings, floods and dams breaking.

3. FIFA 14 – Although to the untrained eyes it is just the next instalment of the series, this year focused on the fluidity of play, which works alongside the impact engine, and subtle things such as new balls being thrown in during play. All these factors create an even more lifelike football experience.

4. Crash Course 2 Potentially one of the best free XBLA games, redesigned with a lot more to do in each level and thus creating a bit more purpose to play.

5. GTA San Andreas for iOS Needs no explanation! A fantastic game that looks great on the new retina display, featured on the newest apple products. Also every game on tablet will loses something through the difficulty controlling using touchscreen, but Rockstar have made it so that the buttons can be placed anywhere on the screen, making it easier to use.

Highlights: Grand Theft Auto V, despite its teething problems during the online launch week. It was justified by its incredible storyline and an extremely versatile online multiplayer mode. The 2DS is potentially the smartest handheld, in my opinion, it maintains the 3DS’ features whilst giving a classic Nintendo look, and is a lot more comfy to hold.

Lows: Every next-gen launch is going to have problems, maybe not quite as bad as the 360’s red ring of death, but both PS4 and Xbox One have had small problems. Issues such as games not saving  and resulting in file corruption. Firstly on the PS4, but similar cases on the Xbox One. I think the worst of it all is the lack of games produced on time, such as; Drive Club, Watch Dogs, Destiny, The Crew, Elderscrolls online, and most importantly South Park The Stick of Truth, which has been delayed yet again.  One last low point, I think that the transition between Forza 3, and Forza 4 was incredible, with stunning graphics and customisable options. But this years Forza 5 was shocking especially at £55, there is also too much focus on that damn rewind feature!


1. The Last of Us – Possibly the best story-driven game of all time. Its depth of emotion truly took games to a new level and cemented Naughty Dog as er well top dogs?

2. GTA V – Rockstar once again up the ante in every detail for the latest instalment of the killer franchise. Not perfect but so close it hurts.

3. Tomb Raider – A new direction and a new beginning for the first lady of gaming. Great to see her back on form.

4. Bioshock Infinite – Another stellar entry into to Bioshock franchise. Looking forward to the DLC.

5. FIFA 2014 – Best version of the game to date and the 60 FPS frame-rate on next gen is fantastic.

Highlights: Obviously the launch of the Next Gen, it is always exciting to get a new console or two. These two, despite teething issues seem to be capable of some great stuff. The Last of Us was a specific highlight this year taking game storytelling to a new level. Hopefully this has upped the ante and others will follow suit. Resogun, yes it’s a rehash of defender but its so gorgeous it hurts.

Lows: The absolute mess that both Microsoft and Sony have made of the launch of their new machines. Microsoft have done more U-turns than a Tory politician and Sony managed to launch without half the promised features for the PS4. Still despite this and delayed launch titles Kieran’s statement that it is semi-redundant has not been born out in the sales. Other lows include the increase of micro-transactions. Free-to-play titles are great as long as you can choose to pay for stuff or actually earn it through game time. But games like Killer Instinct where you earn characters without paying for them are truly evil. Personally I would rather pay full price for a fighting game and play through to unlock fighters than this. I mean who wants to play a fighting game where you can’t unlock fighters? And finally Beyond Two Souls, terrible disappointment.

So overall the results are quite clear:


Best Driving Game:

Need for Speed Rivals


Best PSN/XBLA Game:



Best Sports Game:

Fifa 2014


Best Nintendo title:

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion 2


Best PS3 Game:

The Last Of Us


Best Xbox 360 Game:

Grand Theft Auto V


Best PS4 Game:



Best Xbox One Game:

Dead Rising 3


Overall Runner Up:

Grand Theft Auto V



The Last Of Us


Yes just beating off stiff competition from GTA V, Rockstar’s tale of survival in a desolate future is the game that stands out. Here is to 2014 and some killer titles on the horizon.

Feel free to comment or debate any of the above games or tell us if you think we have missed any.

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