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Posted by drew10 on Oct 13, 2014
Batman: Arkham Knight Preview

Batman: Arkham Knight Preview

Okay so it’s not so much a preview as just a way to collect together all the really cool things we know so far about – what we now know is, sadly the last instalment of the Arkham series – Batman: Arkham Knight.

This latest instalment is set to raise the bar so high we reckon it will kiss the sky. so let’s take a look at the things we can all expect from what is going to be one hell of a send off for the best superhero series of all time.

In a recent interview with IGN Rocksteady’s Guy Perkins claimed “If people walk away thinking this is the ultimate Batman simulator, then our job is complete…We gave them Gotham City, we gave them Batman at the height of his powers and we gave them the Batmobile. I think those three elements come together to make a great game. If people go away feeling like it was awesome, we’ve done a good job.” We certainly hope so as really the only thing that has been missing from the previous games was the Caped Crusader’s wheels.

Now you can tear around Gotham like never before and because of this the open world map for Gotham in Arkham Knight has grown substantially. In fact Gotham is set to be almost five times the size it was in Arkham City, in something more akin to a dark, bleak GTA.

We also get, as Perkins says “Batman at the peak of his powers.” Something that was sorely missing in the below par Akham Origins. So expect more wonderful toys to play with as Batman sets about kicking villain arse.Batman Arkham Knight

Of course this time there will be no Joker (Or will there?) which I guess is both a blessing and a curse. No Joker means no virtuoso performance by Mark Hamill but it does make room for different villains. Namely the return of the Scarecrow. “We left Scarecrow out of Arkham City for a reason so he’s back in as the big bad and it’s great for us to bring him back….He’s a great mirror for Batman, as they both use fear as a weapon of choice. There’s a dichotomy there.” So cue lots of crazy mind-warping scenes as the Dark Knight tries to get to grips with his nemesis. Looking at the screen-shots you can also hope to see a pretty pissed off Harley Quinn looking for revenge somewhere in there.

I cannot tell you how excited I am by this game and I hope it lives up to and exceeds everything the previous games have promised. we will bring you more as we get it.

In the meantime feast your peepers on these pant-twitchingly awesome screens.

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