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Interview With Durell Games Chief, Mike Richardson

Interview With Durell Games Chief, Mike Richardson With the news that Harrier Attack II is out on the PC, I caught up with chief writer Mike Richardson, who now has the dubious honour of being the first person interviewed on Game4Anything. The author of some of my favourite 8&16 bit titles from the 80’s has recently set up Durell Games from the...
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Violence In Games Feature!

Violence In Games Feature! Never before has the media spotlight fallen onto the games industry like it has in the last couple of weeks. Yes of course we have had the usual knee-jerk outcry to stupid Americans shooting each other because they supposedly played a violent video game. But until now we have never had a real and, hopefully,...
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Independent Retailers: The Battle To Survive

Independent Retailers: The Battle To Survive Indie stores have long been the cornerstone of the gaming industry. For many years they were the only places to offer part exchange on your video games, and for the most part you were guaranteed to get some honest advice on the game which you desired to purchase. Nowadays it seems that in the face of massive...
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Feature: Japanese Attitude To Gaming

The Japanese seem to approach video games as just another form of media to be exploited just the same as any other and just as open and varied for experimentation as TV and radio are. Video games in the west seem to still be stuck in a rut of traditional thinking in that video games are just games and...
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New Feature From the Man in Japan.

Every now and then we will be getting updates from the land of the rising Joypad, with our Japanese correspondant (I have always wanted to say that!) The Man in Japan! His views can be a little controversial so whether you agree with him or not let him know.
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Everyone killed the video games star. Ok so it is a cliché, the term casual gamer was once a derogatory term used by uptight nerds. Now however it could spell the end of gaming as we know it. As gaming grew as a recognised medium more and more people naturally became interested in it. A good thing for...
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Second Hand Games Recent industry rumours have been flying about like some kind of mutant bat-monkey. These rumours appear to have sprung up after some off the cuff comments from Epic’s Mark Rein. Apparently second hand video game sales are stopping him from having more money than he already has, bless...
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