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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Xbox 360 Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Xbox 360 Konami This years installment of Pro Evolution Soccer has a lot riding on it especially on the new formats in particular the Xbox 360, after last years shambolic first next gen outing. Last years Xbox 360 effort was feature light and felt rushed. So can this years outing, the first proper outing for the now current...
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Conan Xbox 360 THQ

Conan Xbox 360 THQ OK, those of us who know about Conan, know that the awful films featuring Arnie are far removed from the original comics. So when I had heard that the game was coming I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. To my delight once I started playing the game I realised that the creators Nihilistic had stuck...
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Halo 3 – The Verdict

Halo 3 – The Verdict So it has been over a week now since the biggest video game launch of all time. Yes we waited, we watched, we soaked up the hype and then we finally got our hands on Halo 3. The question now is was it worth it? After playing a weeks worth of Bungie’s last instalment of the Halo trilogy I have drawn up...
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Bioshock 2K Games 360/PC

Bioshock 2K Games 360/PC Bioshock, 2K Games – Xbox 360 & PC Your plane crashing into the Atlantic Ocean can put a real crimp in your day; especially when as your only chance of survival is to make your way through an underwater city populated by crazed inhabitants. Inhabitants that basically want to suck all the juice...
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