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News 4th September 2007

News 4th September 2007 Not Much news around today so here’s a couple of things I have picked up on! PS3 Gets Exclusive In news that is sure to please PS3 fanboys Ubisoft has announced that Free Radicals rather good looking shooter Haze is now 100% PS3 exclusive. It was originally down to arrive on PS3 first but now it is...
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Gaming News 3rd September 2007

Gaming News 3rd September 2007 BioWare finally get an Effective release date!After loads of speculation BioWare , creators of the great Knights of The Old Republic, have announced the release date for its much anticipated new release Mass Effect. The stunning looking 360 exclusive role-player/shooter has been given a November 23rd date...
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News 31st August 2007

News 31st August 2007 Thats Just Super News reaching me today claims that Warner Brothers plan to relaunch their own games division. With some huge licences owned by WB it seems like a good move to me. However they also claim that they will not only be squeezing every last penny out of their film licences but also creating some...
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Gaming News!!!

Gaming News!!! PS3: Gran Tourismo 5: Prologue Sony has finally announced the release date of GT5 in Europe, or sort of anyway. GT5 Prologue is a demo version of the delayed racer that will be available to download or buy in shops by the end of the year. The demo features 40 Cars, new tracks, new physics engine, improved...
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