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Bioshock Like Its 1999

Bioshock Like Its 1999 Irrational Games, purveyors of Bioshock goodness for many a year have today announced that forthcoming blockbuster Bioshock Infinite will feature a 1999 mode. The idea is to challenge players of (cough) a certain age who were used to games being slightly more demanding. It will include tweaks and features...
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Bethesda Hacking Away On Skyrim Patch

Bethesda Hacking Away On Skyrim Patch Whilst many of you have disappeared off the planet since Skyrim was released a few have surfaced again to complain about certain issues and bugs that the game has thrown up. Fear not young dragon slayers for the lords at Bethesda are busy questing away on a patch that looks to fix many of the issues so far...
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