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Gaming News 29th Feb

Gaming News 29th Feb Okay so this day only comes round every four years. This gives my friend a chance to tell everyone he is only 11 when in fact we all know he is 44. Anyway a couple of interesting bits of release news. Firstly Sega have unsurprisingly announced that they will be bringing back fan favourite Jet Set Radio. This...
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Smash ‘N’ Survive – Version 2 Games PSN/PS3

Smash ‘N’ Survive – Version 2 Games PSN/PS3 Big, fast cars and trucks, destructible scenery and lots of crashes! Version 2 Games brings us the PSN title Smash ‘N’ Survive. Taking its cue from classics like Destruction Derby and more recently Blur and Split Second, Version 2 Games début on PS3 is a rocking title about driving and...
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Console Cold Wars

Console Cold Wars Following on from Sony categorically stating that there would be no PS4 reveal in 2012, Microsoft have come out to follow suit. Despite all the rumours and much pant twitching from fans we will apparently see no new Xbox this year. Some bloke from Microsoft in France (Cedrick Delmax, Microsoft France...
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Morrison’s Console Blowout: Grab A Bargain!

Morrison’s Console Blowout: Grab A Bargain! You know we look after our readers, right? Anyone? Well just in case you weren’t sure here is a little piece of news that will ensure you that Game4anything is here to look after you and will allow you to suckle upon, like the digital wet-nurse you secretly wish us to be. So any of you looking to...
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Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer

Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Coming direct from Sega is the latest teaser for the long awaitied and much aticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer. We are holding out a great deal of hope for this. Due to the nature of the content we have had to put it behind an age gate! And here is a couple of screens to get you all...
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New Mass Effect Trailer

New Mass Effect Trailer Yes as it’s launch approaches, more and more details and videos about Mass Effect 3 are flooding out of EA like stuff that floods out of somewhere very, very fast. This new trailer shows off some of the new multi-player features. As it is an 18 trailer you need to go through an age...
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Get Up And Dance – O Games – PS3

Get Up And Dance – O Games – PS3 It seems I can’t turn around these days without one of my two left feet tripping over a dancing game. Love ’em or hate ’em they are everywhere and they are growing like some crazed blob-mass-type-thing. Perhaps not, but in a flooded market a game really needs something special to stand out...
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SSX: Online Features Trailer

SSX: Online Features Trailer Another game that has been tweaking our interest is SSX. What EA are describing as “a reinvention” of the hugely popular franchise is certainly shaping up nicely. In this video creative director Todd Batty (insert joke here) chats about the online features within the game in part one of the two...
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Resi 6 Is Lurking Around The Corner

Resi 6 Is Lurking Around The Corner I don’t know why but I have always loved the word lurking… Anyway, in news that is bound to please die hard fans Capcom have just revealed the existence of Resident Evil 6 along with a kick ass trailer. Looking like they have accepted that Resi 5 was a departure too far for the series Capcom have...
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Bioshock Like Its 1999

Bioshock Like Its 1999 Irrational Games, purveyors of Bioshock goodness for many a year have today announced that forthcoming blockbuster Bioshock Infinite will feature a 1999 mode. The idea is to challenge players of (cough) a certain age who were used to games being slightly more demanding. It will include tweaks and features...
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