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Review – Olli Olli – PS ...

Review – Olli Olli – PS Vita Remember the days when you could not escape the addictive clutches of the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series before the genre became over saturated and abused by yearly updates and gimmicky controller add ons? Well if you do and you own a PS Vita you can rejoice in the 2d retro joy of Olli Olli, an indie title developed by Roll7 that recreates the joy of the Pro Skater games of yore but...
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Nintendo hints aplenty.

Nintendo hints aplenty. Various rumours of a new Nintendo project have been doing the rounds recently. Let’s deal with some interesting ‘news’ from website Nintendo News. These guys have had their finger on the Nintendo pulse over the years and claim to have been given an inside tip on some new Nintendo hardware codenamed Fusion. They even claim, albeit whilst maintaining a level of...
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Review – Max: The Curse of Bro...

Review – Max: The Curse of Brotherhood If from the title you were expecting some Da Vinci code style story about secret societies like the Ilumanati or Mason’s you are going to be left a little disappointed. Because what you are getting is the age-old story of the older brother and his rather annoying younger sibling (Yes I have an exceptionally annoying younger brother as Drew will testify to. He is, in...
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Bluetooth Spectrum Close to Reality

Bluetooth Spectrum Close to Reality We have recently heard of an intriguing device called the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum. Now only gamers of a certain vintage will be going weak at the knees at the thought of this marvel rising from the flames like the proverbial phoenix but rise it might. Brought back to life by Elite Systems, (yes Elite!) once a leading publisher on both Spectrum and Commodore 64, the Bluetooth ZX...
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Game Connection’s demise

Yesterday we were greeted with the very sad news that internet based retailer Game Connection has ceased trading. Game Connection set themselves apart from many online retailers with their dedicated buy-back scheme and excellent prices. They were also responsible for the excellent Ultra Gamer service whereby you could purchase a game for only £17.99 and if you completed it within...
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PS4: UK’s top selling console ...

PS4: UK’s top selling console of 2013 According to UK sales analysts Chart-Track Sony’s PS4 was the UK’s best selling home console of 2013. Backing up Sony’s claim of the  biggest console launch of all time, the PS4 sold over 530,000 units in just 30 days. This meant the PS4 even outsold the entire years supply of Xbox 360’s. Fergal Gara, head of Playstation UK said: “We are delighted...
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Playstation Now!

Playstation Now! Sony has finally unveiled it’s long rumoured game streaming service at CES 2014. Called Playstation Now, the service will allow users to access Sony video games without the need for dedicated hardware like the PS4 console itself. In much the same way that the failed Onlive service delivered its content, Playstation Now will store all of it’s titles on a server and...
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Game of the Year 2013

Game of the Year 2013 This year we are doing something slightly different with our Game of the Year award. Every year we usually pool our resources and then I spend about a week trying to work out which, out of the lists the G4A bods sent me were our favourite games of the year. This year I couldn’t be arsed so I have decided to list the top five games from each of our team and then choose the...
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