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3DS Gets US Launch Date and Line Up

3DS Gets US Launch Date and Line Up The launch of the console Nintendo are describing as “a category of one” and an “experience that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.” is finally upon us. Yes the big N’s little hand-held marvel the 3DS has been given an official launch date of March 27th in the US. The 3D console looks set to revolutionise gaming as we know it. With its full 3D...
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Got Any Spare Parts?

Got Any Spare Parts? EA Bright Light will soon be bringing its robot based action adventure Spare Parts to PSN and XBLA. You play the erm, parts of robots Mar-T and Chip. These two robots find themselves dumped on a strange planet amongst a load of rubbish. The game will be heavily focused on co-op play (either local or online), as you will need to guide the mechanical duo in their quest to repair an...
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Conduit 2 Gets A Release Date and Se...

Conduit 2 Gets A Release Date and Sexy new Video Sega have announced that monster Wii shooter Conduit 2 has finally been given a street date. 18th March is the day that Wii owners who actually like games rather than dancing can get their hands on this awesome looking title. The game, created by High Voltage Software features some cool weapons and stunning graphics that prove the Wii has life in it for real gamers yet. If only...
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TNT Racers Explodes Onto Our Screens

TNT Racers Explodes Onto Our Screens Upcoming dtp Entertainment and Keen Games title TNT Racers has us at G4A pretty excited. This multi-player racer reminds us of the late, great Micro Machines and couldn’t be more welcome at G4A towers if it came with a keg of free Guinness, well okay maybe a little more welcome. Featuring a familiar isometric camera and up to four-player local or online play, this is a...
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Feature: Don’t Pick On The Lit...

Feature: Don’t Pick On The Little Guys Since the arrival of XBOX Live Arcade and PSN the gaming world have seen a massive influx of new games that entertain and deliver a style of gaming that new age gamers (As in younger gamers not gamers who hang out in camper vans covered in flowers.) may not be used to. For this reason much of the gaming press underrate and overlook some of these fantastically original games. These...
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New Tomb Raider Screens

New Tomb Raider Screens Here are a bunch of new tantalising screens from the upcoming Tomb Raider franchise reboot. Set as a prequel to all the other Tomb Raider games, the imaginatively titled Tomb Raider sees a young Lara Croft marooned on an island. She is not alone and has one goal, to survive the island. Moving Tomb Raider into a more survival horror game-type and away from the pure platform...
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Review: Eat Them PS3

Review: Eat Them PS3 Ah what is better than a nice stroll through the streets of suburbia? Taking in the sights and people and when I say taking in the people I mean that quite literally. You see this is no ordinary stroll, this is the stroll of a giant, terrifying monster and that monster is you! Yes Eat Them is the latest game from Fluffy Logic (The same devs that brought us Savage Moon.) to arrive...
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The Games to Watch in 2011

The Games to Watch in 2011 So the New Year has set in and with it comes the misery of being back to work and, of course, drizzle. Yet fear not dear gamer for help is at hand to lift the gloom as there are plenty of wondrous things to look forward to in 2011. Yes this year us gamers will be getting our hands on some real treats. 2011 will see some great trilogies come to a close with the likes of Mass Effect...
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