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Posted by drew10 on Aug 29, 2007
Gaming News!!!

Gaming News!!!


Gran Tourismo 5: Prologue Pit

Sony has finally announced the release date of GT5 in Europe, or sort of anyway.

GT5 Prologue is a demo version of the delayed racer that will be available to download or buy in shops by the end of the year.

The demo features 40 Cars, new tracks, new physics engine, improved AI, and GT’s first online mode. This includes racing of up to 16 players at once a personal online garage that people can browse, an online car showroom where you can purchase new cars ( although it is not stated whether this costs extra, but you can bet your skidPit 2 marks it does!) and wierdly a new online channel that is apparantly, “Packed with some of the greatest content that motorsport, car manufacturers and TV has to offer!” Adverts then!

I have to admit the screen shots look fantastic but it still feels like a bit of a con having to buy what is essentially only a demo.

No exact date or more importantly a price point has been confirmed yet, but I will keep you posted when I get some more info.


In an interesting little piece of news Half Life developer Valve Software has announced in not so many words that it will developing new projects for the Wii. Curiosly it also claimed that Nintendo’s console was “More valuable to its business than either the PS3 or 360!” Make of that what you will!

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