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Posted by drew10 on Aug 31, 2007
News 31st August 2007

News 31st August 2007

Thats Just Supersuper

News reaching me today claims that Warner Brothers plan to relaunch their own games division. With some huge licences owned by WB it seems like a good move to me. However they also claim that they will not only be squeezing every last penny out of their film licences but also creating some new and original “creative” titles as well. Watch this space.

Better Late Than Never?

News of more delays for PS3 games that will be multi-format releases have been met with anger and annoyance from certain quarters of their user base. With Tiger Woods now set to be released after all the other versions some of the super consoles early adopters are making noises about switching to 360. Sony need to pull their fingers out and start supporting these people who spent over and above to purchase their behemoth in the first place.

Microsoft do a 360

After news to the contrary MS have announced price cuts for the 360 (sort of). The Core system now retails at £179.99 with the Premium £249.99 and the Elite at £299.99. coreMicrosoft claim that the core will now tempt users to stay away from the PS3, I am not so sure that the core system has actually been bought by anyone I know and if the truth be told I think it has actually hampered game development on the 360 as a whole. MS claim that the Core system is still selling well in the UK by stating consumers don’t like to part with their hard -earned for technology that they don’t need. Well they will need a bloody hard drive to play Oblivion so…. Anyway the sceptical amongst us may say that with new versions of all MS machines due with HDMI ports that could this be a move to clear old units off the shelves??

Thats the fastest Wii ever

Nintendo is celebrating today after confirming that the Wii has become the fastest selling console of all time, reaching 1 million units in just 38 weeks. This puts the PS2 to shame at 50 weeks and the 360 took 60 weeks. After being touted as “doing a Sega” after the disastrous N64 and Gamecube sales it proves that you can never bet against the grand master of gaming.

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