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Posted by drew10 on Sep 20, 2007
Bioshock 2K Games 360/PC

Bioshock 2K Games 360/PC


Bioshock, 2K Games – Xbox 360 & PC

Your plane crashing into the Atlantic Ocean can put a real crimp in your day; especially when as your only chance of survival is to make your way through an underwater city populated by crazed inhabitants. Inhabitants that basically want to suck all the juice out of your body! Welcome to Rapture the fantastic art deco underwater setting for 2k Games Bioshock.

After pulling yourself from the burning wreckage of your plane you find yourself conveniently floating by a lighthouse. With nowhere else to go you enter the doors and your decent into Rapture begins. As you plunge deeper under the sea you are treated to a brief history lesson that tells you Rapture was created as a place where scientists and artists could work and create without any of the world’s governments intervening. However, it soon becomes clear that the utopian society that was created here has gone more than a little off the rails.

Guided by the friendly voice of Atlas, a character that sees you as the only way to free his family from Rapture, you make your way through the sunken city avoiding or killing its population as you go. You are soon introduced you to “Plasmids.” Plasmids are a genetic upgrade allowing you to enhance your body to do things like fire lightning out of your fingertips or use telekinesis to vanquish your foes.

Raptures inhabitants are both frightening and fascinating in equal measures with some looking like extras from A Clockwork Orange on crack. There are none more disturbing however, than the “Little Sisters,” small and scary children that harvest people for their “Adam,” the genetic material that all of the games characters crave. It isn’t far into the game before you are introduced to the first of these “Little Sisters,” and you are also shown that they are protected by the “Big Daddies,” massive robotic looking monsters with an enormous and painful looking drill for a hand. Hurt the sister, deal with the daddy is the order of the day.

Bioshock offers a depth of gameplay that includes many moral choices, should you kill the little sisters and harvest their Adam or let them live? Every choice you make has an implication on the way the game plays out.

In a time when first person shooters are ten-a-penny and most are set in futuristic, post-apocalyptic wastelands it is Bioshock’s gorgeous art deco fifties styling’s are as refreshing as they are beautiful.

The graphics are second-to-none and the constant awe factor of the art-deco design makes this the most stunning release on the 360 to date. Married with some innovative gameplay and unique set pieces Bioshock is a must buy for anyone with a 360 or a PC with enough grunt to run it.



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  1. moonhead says:

    Totally agree with you Drew the game is absolutely miind blowing. Without a doubt the best game I have played this year and for sometime. My only grumbles would be its play length, the disappoining ending and the difficulty level is not as tough as it should be but none of these points can stop this game getting the acclaim it so richly deserves. My game of the year so far…….

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