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Posted by drew10 on Sep 25, 2007
Gaming News 25th September 2007

Gaming News 25th September 2007

Halo, Halo, Halo Whats All This Then?

OK so its a crap heading! Tonight sees the launch of Halo 3 Stateside, with us having to wait till tomorrow. Early news on the game, which has been scarce thanks to NDA’s put in place by Microsoft, has it rated as one of the best of all time! Well, we will have to wait and find out for ourselves but personally I think it is going to have be a great deal better than Halo 2 with more polish to knock Bioshock from G4A’s Game of the Year slot.
Return of the Saint
THQ have announced a sequel to the rather disappointing but big selling Saints Row. Cunningly titled Saints Row 2 the new game offers some intriguing new features. Most interesting is the ability to play the entire single player game, co-op online. Added to this, Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of sales and marketing, THQ. “The team at Volition, Inc. is leveraging invaluable experience gained on Saints Row to build Saints Row 2 into a game that sets the standard for combat, player freedom, customization, vehicle game-play, team-based co-op and the most compelling online open world experience to date.” Bold claims indeed, lets see how the game turns out when it is released in 2008. For now you can go here

Its Dead Jim!

EA announced today that the award winning developers Redwood Shores have been beavering away on a new little project called “Dead Space.” The Sci-Fi survival horror game promises to be “the ultimate in psychological thrills and gruesome action!” Don’t they all? However, as the name suggests, this one could be a little different as it it set in deep space. Sounds remarkably like the film Event Horizon. Its due out in the 3rd quarter of next year, we will have more on it as details emerge.

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