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Posted by drew10 on Sep 27, 2007
Gaming News 27th September 2007

Gaming News 27th September 2007

Halo 3 Breaks All Records

Todays news is all about the launch of Halo 3. It is now officially the biggest entertainment launch in history and that includes movies. The game made $170 Million dollars in the first 24hours in America alone. With the UK launch yet to be recorded it is surely set to go down in history as the single biggest video game of all time. Microsoft must also now hope that it sparks greater sales of the 360 itself. On top of this, within the first 24 hours of launch over 1 million Xbox live members came online to play the game at the same time making September 25th the busiest day for Xbox Live so far. It will be interesting to see just how huge Halo 3 can become and whether this now will put the 360 at the top of the next gen pile. It will aslo be interesting to see how Sony react to these details.

Halo 3 is now out all over Europe and with demand as high as it was in the States there is surely going to be a lot of very smug gits at both Microsoft and Bungie for some time now. I guess the only questions are, where do they both go from here? And can either of them really afford for this to be the final installment of the worlds favourite video game franchise?

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  1. moonhead says:

    Apparently Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo does not think Halo 3 will shift many consoles even though he thinks the game will sell by the bucket load. I tend to agree to some extent with him in that most people waiting on this game will already have a Xbox 360 and I definitely agree with Reggie on the fact that Halo 3 brings nothing new to the console party but who cares when the game is as well exectued as Halo 3 is. I am however looking forward to Nintendo’s big titles this year i.e Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 much more than I was ever looking forward to Halo 3’s coming.

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