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Posted by drew10 on Sep 28, 2007
Gaming News 28th September 2007

Gaming News 28th September 2007

Thats Just Bizarre!

In probably the most surprising news I have heard in sometime, Activision have purchased Project Gotham Racing developer Bizarre Creations. The team responsible for Microsoft’s flagship racer will begin production of a new multi-format racer and a new character based game once they finish PGR4 and The Club. Why Microsoft have so easily allowed one of their top developers slip through their fingers is anyones guess, but they insist that the Project Gotham franchise will continue with a new developer. History tells us that when a franchise moves to a new developer the results are generally completely underwhelming, Championship Manager anyone?

Time To Get Lynch’ed

Eidos’ hotly anticipated shooter, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, has been given its European release date. November 23rd is the date European owners of PS3, PC and Xbox 360 can get their hands on it. The co-op shooter has been receiving some good press previews so far and the story sure sounds interesting. Either one player, co-op or multi-player the game pushes the two main characters together, one a mercenary and the other a medicated psychopath. Personally I know which one I want to play with! The dark storyline is as violent as it is interesting as Kane and Lynch hate each other. Should make for some unique moments, I will have a review as soon as possible.

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