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Posted by drew10 on Sep 3, 2007
Gaming News 3rd September 2007

Gaming News 3rd September 2007

BioWare finally get an Effective release date!

After loads of speculation BioWare , creators of the great Knights of The Old Republic, Effecthave announced the release date for its much anticipated new release Mass Effect.

The stunning looking 360 exclusive role-player/shooter has been given a November 23rd date for Europe. Good news indeed and if the KoTOR games are anything to go by then those long winter nights wont seem so long after all.

Is it a console? Is it a TV Tuner? Is it a Video? PS3 gets another add on!

Sony broke the news last week of a new add on to the PS3. play tvNamed ‘PlayTV’ the clever new peripheral plugs into the PS3 enabling users to watch TV and record shows using the PS3’s hard drive. How succesful this add will prove to be is anyones guess but with DVD recorders and on demand TV services already the norm in this country, price point could well be the deciding factor on ‘PlayTV’s’ success.

Game On or Off?

After retail giant Game’s rather unwelcome (In my opinion) £74m takeover of Gamestation the monopolies commission has moved to investigate whether this provides an unfair market share. Should they rule against the takeover Game would be forced to sell to the next highest bidder. That highest bidder is more than likely to bStope American giant Gamestop who are poised in the wings to take over Gamestation the moment they get the chance.

Gamestation insist that the takeover will not effect competition as both Game and Gamestation have very distinct customers. That stinks of the proverbial pile as sticking a few retro machines in your window does not a hardcore gamers shop make! Especially once Game get their hands on it.

I personally detest Game as a shop and chain as their second hand prices are a joke as are the prices of most of their new releases.

Whether Gamestop would be any better only time will tell.

I will leave you with this thought… How can there be only one Monopolies commission?

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