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Posted by drew10 on Sep 26, 2007

Top Ten Game Franchises That Need Resurrecting

1.) The Last Ninja

2.) Shenmue

3.) Oddworld

4.) Another World

5.) Cannon Fodder

6.) Street Fighter

7.) Back To School

8.) Knightlore

9.) NiGHTS

10.) Jet Set Willy

Can you think of any other games that need a mention here? Comment and let me know what needs to be added to the list.

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One Response to “Top Ten Game Franchises That Need Resurrecting”

  1. moonhead says:

    How’s about MDK, Power Stone, Tie Fighter, Dizzy, International Karate and Boulder Dash. The last three would make cracking Live Arcade games, come on Microsoft how about it then.

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