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Gaming News 10th October 2007

Gaming News 10th October 2007

Government: Are Games Good Or Bad?

Finally the Government have commissioned a enquiry to look into negative effects that gaming has on children, specifically violent video games! This has been highlighted recently by the BBFC’s stance on Manhunt 2, my thoughts on which I will be going over in a forthcoming feature. Dr. Tanya Bryon has been charged with filing the report which will run until it is published in March next year. The good news is that we can all give our views on this by emailing our thoughts to Dr Byron. Here is a brief list of some of the questions that Dr. Byron will be asking, (supplied by MCV):

• What are the benefits and opportunities that new technologies offer for children, young people, their families, society and the economy?

• What are the potential or actual risks to children’s safety and well-being of going online and playing video games and how do children, young people and parents feel about those risks?

• To what extent do children, young people and parents understand and manage those risks and how well are they supported to do so?

• What, if anything, could be changed in order to help children, young people and parents manage the potential or actual risks of going online or playing video games, and what are the pros and cons of different approaches?

If you want to give your thoughts then you can email Dr. Byron here The full list of questions can be found here.
Harrier Attacks Again!

In terms of unexpected remakes this has to rank as amongst the most surprising and long awaited! Durell Games are releasing a remake of the 1983 Spectrum classic Harrier Attack, titled, unsurprisingly Harrier Attack II!

For those of us old enough to remember, Durell Games, formerly Durell Software, were responsible for making some classic 8 & 16 bit titles including Scuba Dive, Combat Lynx and the excellent Turbo Esprit. Now some 24 years later Durell Games have risen again to bring this classic back to our screens.

The PC only 3D flyer looks impressive with plenty to please old and new fans alike and 28 missions all for less than £15! Company owner and programmer Mike Richardson said, “A sequel to Harrier Attack! seemed appropriate for a new company operating under the Durell name. It was one of the first and most successful of Durell Software’s titles, and after twenty four years, a sequel is long overdue.” I will try to get a chat with Mike and see what else his company may be revisiting or what new ideas this classic developer can come up with! For more info on Harrier Attack II follow this link

Bundles of Christmas Joy For Microsoft!

Rumours of a Halo 3 Christmas bundle have been doing the rounds and now there seems to be some kind of proof that the bundle is indeed forthcoming. This rather crude image has appeared in Spain and would appear to show the Halo bundle box with an HDMI equipped Xbox 360. As soon as I get anything firm from Microsoft you guys will be the first to know!

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  1. kastor417 says:

    See the only problem i have is we have a rating system, if parents do not use that then it is their problem. I don’t see what business the government has telling what can or can not be produced. I worry this will effect the ablity for adults to get games they enjoy, because of government restrictions

  2. retro says:

    I do love the classics.

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