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Posted by moonhead on Oct 17, 2007
Gaming News 17th Ocotber

Gaming News 17th Ocotber

Halo 3 Blamed For Poor Box Office Showing

Film executives are blaming the Master Chief’s latest epic Halo 3 for poor sales at the box office.  According to analysts on the weekend of the 5th box office sales were down a huge 27% on the same period last year and they are laying the blame squarely at the huge feet of the Master Chief. Considering the sales stats for Halo 3 its not surprising though the game made a huge $170 million on its opening day and at present is over the $300 million mark and counting. The Xbox live stats are just as impressive with more than 2.7 million Xbox 360 owners playing Halo 3 in its first week and that is more than a third of all Xbox live subscribers worldwide. Microsoft though are not surprised by this product manager Josh Goldberg said “We marketed it like a film and now we are just as big or bigger than film”. Do you ever get the feeling you are in the wrong job? I know I do.

PS3 Sales On The Up

Sales analysts Chart Track have announced that week on week sales of the PS3 have risen by an enormous 127%. Quite what this means in numbers of actual units sold as this has not been announced but it is a sizeable surge in sales. In fact the biggest set of sales figures since the first 2 weeks of the PS3’s release. These sales are obviously a result of the price cut of the 60gb machine from £425 to £350 and the introduction of the new stripped down 20gb machine for £299. The improved sales has also seen software sales increase with Resistance: Fall Of Man back in the top 10 at 8 and both Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm seeing big chart movements. All I need now is Sony to release a game that actually makes it worthwhile me buying one and until they do I will do without.

67% Of Wii Owners Not Wii’ing

A report in Japan has found that 67% of Wii owners have not used their machine in a while.  The report came from Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Famitsu publisher Enterbrain also says that they expect the DS to break the 30 million shipped barrier in 2009 so not all bad news then. Hamamura says the inactivity of users Wii’s is down to the inability of Nintendo to produce a second big hit following on from Wii Sports. I have to admit I am the proud owner of a Wii and thoroughly enjoy using it. But I have been disappointed with the almost complete absence of a 2nd wave of software this year and have not touched it in a couple of months since finishing the sublime Resident Evil 4 Wii edition and the odd game of Wii Sports Tennis with the wife. All of this comes to an end soon though with the festive season soon upon us and the release of Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy so finally at least 2 more good reasons to own a Wii. Elsewhere in the land of the rising sun reports have stated that Nintendo’s market value has tripled in size and are now worth a dizzying 10 trillion yen which apparently equates to 85 billion dollars.  Nintendo has manged to triple its financial bank roll since the launch of the Wii in late 2006 and analysts expect to see this growth continue to. Definitely need a new job DEFINITELY!

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