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Posted by moonhead on Oct 23, 2007
Gaming News 23rd October

Gaming News 23rd October

Xbox 360 Arcade Edition Confirmed For UK

As I reported last week Microsoft have confirmed today the release of the Xbox 360 Arcade edition for this very Friday 26th October. The new edition will replace the core version of the console and will retail at £199. The machine still has no hard drive but does come enabled with a HDMI connection, wireless pad, 256mb memory card and 5 Live Arcade games which are PAC-MAN Championship edtion, Uno, Luxor 2, Feeding Frenzy and Boom Boom Rocket. Microsoft will be hoping this version of the console will help those people on a lower budget get on the console ladder and drive sales in the lead up to this years festive season. Which leads nicely on to ……..

PS3 Outselling the Xbox 360 2-1

VGChartz figures released today have shown that following the recent price cuts the PS3 is outselling the Xbox 360 by a margin of nearly 2-1 in the last week. In fact the only machine on the market not to have sold more than the Xbox 360 last week was the Gameboy advanced. The DS is still way out in front and must be now running out of people who actually do not own one. Here are the figures:-

DS: 171,260
Wii: 70,322
PS3: 64,087
PS2: 57,152
PSP: 54,449
360: 37,303
GBA: 2,2861

Total: 456,859

Mass Effect Goes Gold

With  news that has cheered me up no end Mass Effect has gone gold meaning it will defintitely meet its release date the 23rd of Novemember. There had been recent rumours and concerns over developers Bioware ability to meet the date after it was recently brought by EA and the sheer size and scope of the game itself. The space travelling epic RPG meets FPS is still being published by Microsoft, and Bioware is standing by its word that the other 2 games in the trilogy will be on Microsofts machine only (I still seriously doubt this by the way I mean they are now owned by EA, come on). This game looks hot I have been looking forward to it ever since it was announced it has also been awarded several game of the show awards at the last 2 E3’s by various different publications. Also announced today was a limited edition package of the game coming with all the usual non essential tat that comes in these things like a book and DVD extras. I am sure as soon as this game is released if not before Game4Anything’s main main Drew will be posting a definitive review. Congratulations to Drew also on his marriage to the lovely Chelle today somewhere nice and hot (you bastards its freezing here) all the best to the both of you.

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