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Posted by drew10 on Oct 5, 2007
Halo 3 – The Verdict

Halo 3 – The Verdict

So it has been over a week now since the biggest video game launch of all time. Yes we waited, we watched, we soaked up the hype and then we finally got our hands on Halo 3. The question now is was it worth it?

After playing a weeks worth of Bungie’s last instalment of the Halo trilogy I have drawn up the following ‘post-review.’

Most of you will by now have played Halo 3 or read in-depth previews or reviews so it seems a little futile for me to go into the story etc. What I am more interested in telling you about is my overall impressions of the game.

My first experiences of Halo 3 came from the multi-player beta version that was available earlier this year. I recall being underwhelmed at the time and my overriding feelings were, “Well its Halo.” Still this didn’t dent my anticipation for the years hottest release.

So finally the release date came and I thought I would give the game a good week to really get my teeth into it before drawing my summery.

A weeks worth of play has lead me to three basic conclusions, one, the one player game is too short; two, the visuals are not as good as they perhaps could have been; and three, Halo 3 is bloody brilliant!

After playing the one player game from start to end I must say I loved every minute of it. Yes it is all over far to quickly, some have said they have finished the game in around six hours, but the whole time it is running it is pure gaming joy.

But lets face it, we were all still playing Halo 2 on-line up until the third one was released. It is the multi-player aspect of the Halo trilogy that has kept the game going long after the single player campaign has ended.

Despite a new coat of paint, some excellent new weapons and maps, the multi-player game remains largely unchanged. The adage “Why fix what isn’t broken?” has never rung so true. Halo 2’s on-line multi-player was as good as it gets and now with the added graphical grunt and some cool new maps Halo 3’s longevity is assured.

The games visuals have been much maligned and it is true that Halo 3’s visuals do not come close to Gears Of War or Bioshock. Unlike these games however, it does have masses of action going on all over the screen. I have read of frame-rate issues although I must confess I did not experience any noticeable ones in all of the time I have been playing it.

Overall Halo 3 is a victim of its own popularity, if it had departed too far from its roots it would have alienated its fans. Unfortunately, it did not depart far enough to warrant true classic status. As a whole though the impact that the Halo Trilogy has had on the gaming landscape cannot be understated and perhaps can be likened to what Star Wars did for movies.


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