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Posted by moonhead on Nov 19, 2007
Call Of Duty 4 / Activision / Infinity Ward / Xbox 360

Call Of Duty 4 / Activision / Infinity Ward / Xbox 360

Please, please, please Activision do not let Treyarch go near the Call Of Duty franchise again. Compared to Call Of Duty 2 I found the Treyarch developed number 3 not as polished or as subtle with the subject matter as Infinity Ward were with numbers 1 and 2 in the series. So now onto 4 the first in the series to move away from the previous games World War 2 setting and take place in the present day. The game is also thankfully back in the hands of the series originator Infinity Ward and it is a proper corker.

The game now follows the paths of new SAS recruit “Soap MacTavish” (they must have got the name from the crap name for action heroes book) and U.S Marine Sgt. Paul Jackson. I will not go into depth about the story as it is the usual politically chrarged American hog wash concerning nukes, Russia and the Middle East (yawn yawn). What I will say though is that the change from World War 2 to a modern day setting has seemingly set the developers off the leash and let them run riot. The game is a full throttle thrill ride that does not let up from the opening training level where you earn your “winged dagger” and become a member of the SAS to the dramatic ending. The game still plays as well as the Call Of Duty series always has but add in the new modern more accurate weapons and it all adds up to something very special indeed. The graphics are stunning, the level design sublime and the sound a relentless cacophony of destruction and suitably placed and paced music.

There are so many stand out moments in this game that I would be hard pressed to note all of them so I am going to mention two. First up is my nomination for game level of the year it is called All Ghillied Up and is set 15 years before the games story. Telling the tale of an assasination attempt on a Russian arms dealer selling nuclear material. It has you sneeking about in a Ghilly Suit with a NPC trying to remain unnoticed whilst attempting to get to your target while it would seem the whole Russian Army is mobilised. The tension built up whilst you sneak around is incredible and the pacing of it just perfect. The second part to mention actually has you supplying air support to the SAS whilst they are waiting for their chopper to arrive for extraction. The level of graphical realism is a great thrill as you see the world below in that black and white monochrome camera effect that we have all seen on the TV in news reports and when you score a direct hit on the approaching enemy whilst avoiding your own troops it is a great buzz (Maybe some Amercian pilots could learn something from this game.).

The on-line side is very good too with all the usual death match options and a wide variety of maps. There are loads of unlockables as you climb the rankings, including new classes of troop, new weapon sets and also the option to have air support and air strikes all add to the mix. The only thing missing from the on-line side of things and it is a real missed oportunity in my opinion, is the lack of a co-op mode. The ability to play through the story mode in four player co-op like Halo 3 would have been a great boon. In fact using Halo 3 as a yard stick for the on-line side of things you find Bungies game just edges it in this department as it has more going on including co-op and vehicles.

My only other gripe with the game is the length of the single player campaign which for a seasoned FPS gamer is going to last around 6 hours which is even shorter than the aforementioned Halo 3.

The single player experience though, even with the short story line it is better than Halo 3, but Bungies game wins out on the multiplayer which despite being good is missing some now essential options. If you are after an action heavy full on assault of the senses this is the game for you. It even has a proper ending a first for the Call Of Duty series. In all another top notch FPS to add to the already burgeoning list of top FPS games on your Xbox 360 and one not to be missed.

Overall 9 / 10

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2 Responses to “Call Of Duty 4 / Activision / Infinity Ward / Xbox 360”

  1. inFidel1983 says:

    This isnt a game, or in fact about winning or losing….

    Its much more important than that

    We have our Halo 3 killer!!

  2. Tom Hall says:

    Ive had Pro Evo 2008 and Assassins Creed still in their wrappers since buying this. I will reach Prestige level on mulitplayer before the end of the year.

    Despite moondogs “superior” K/D ratio

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