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Posted by drew10 on Nov 21, 2007
Crash Of The Titans Sierra Xbox 360

Crash Of The Titans Sierra Xbox 360

Eleven years is a long time in gaming, yet it is eleven years since we first saw Naughty Dog’s creation Crash Bandicoot come onto our screens.

As Sony scratched around for an iconic figure in the mould of Mario and Sonic, Crash was the best bet by far. Now fourteen games on and no longer either a Sony exclusive or programmed by his original creators Crash is back in his biggest adventure yet Crash Of The Titans!

Now programmed by Radical Entertainment, can Crash Of The Titans put the little bandicoot back into the gaming mainstream? Here is we find out.

First impressions of Crash are that very little has changed, despite the next-gem polish the graphics remain faithful in artistic style to the original, Radical have done a good job in keeping the game true to its roots. The colours are bold and bright and the graphical style is very much Crash! All the characters have been given a make-over which I know will annoy some but personally I like the new look of Crash and his pals.

If we set aside the few dodgy racing titles, Crash games have always played well and every game has felt comfortable if you are familiar with the series. COTT is no different, the first level feels like greeting an old friend, but scratch the surface and Crash has some new tricks up his sleeve.

Having seemingly never learnt his lesson (Like any good baddie) once again Dr Neo Cortex is on a mission to destroy Crash Bandicoot, steal all of the mojo (which is like energy) and take over the world. Firstly he does this by kidnapping Crash’s sister and thus begins the quest.

As I have already touched upon Crash’s gameplay has rarely veered away from its old school feel and this latest game is no different. It follows a very similar style to the original all those years ago. In case you don’t know and who doesn’t? COTT is a platform game in 3D where you follow a path that leads away from you, collecting stuff and fighting enemies.

This is where the similarity with the original ends however as Crash has been studying in his time off and has come back armed with a whole host of new moves and tricks. There are a wealth of moves that you can learn by collecting the blue balls of mojo which you get for destroying an enemy or smashing a crate etc. once you have collected a certain amount of mojo you will be taught a new move and so on. Some of these moves are very cool, I especially like the head-spin kick!

But this is not where Crash’s new talents end, oh no. Crash now has the ability to ‘jack’ monsters. Running up to a monster hitting it till it becomes dazed gives you the ability to control it. Each monster has its own unique skills and attacks which can be very useful at certain parts of the game and some of them are bloody huge. There are even points where you have to ‘jack’ your way up the food chain using each monster to fight its way to the next one up in size. Crash now also has the ability to use his magic mask as a surf board for some fast paced downhill fun!

The music is very reminiscent of the score from the original game and brings back some warm memories and again ties this latest version in very well with the older titles. The vocal cast is excellent and includes the talents of Tom Kenny, or Spongebob Sqaurepants to you. The script has some good moments in it but overall the jokes may be more appealing to children.

Crash Of The Titans for the most part plays very well and much as expected. The controls are tight and easy to get to grips with and the majority of the game is smooth and plays well.

There are a few gripes however! In the sections where Crash is on his surf board the blur effect to emulate speed is horrible and makes my eyes hurt! This blur effect is also used when Crash jumps and it just looks nasty. Whilst the use of ‘jacking’ monsters is a new and original twist for a Crash game it is overused and quickly detracts from the games other areas. Similarly, the minions that you fight against are all very alike and the things they say whilst funny at first are quickly repeated. I think more variety in the enemies and slightly less reliance on ‘jacking’ whilst having a few more traditional platform style puzzles would have seen this game score more highly.

Crash Of The Titans is a difficult game to sum up. On the one hand it is a truly enjoyable platform romp that sticks closely to its roots and will appeal to all ages. However, the over-reliance on the monster ‘jacking’ means that for much of the game you are not playing as Crash himself. I understand the need to move the game on and bring in fresh ideas but a few more next time may help.

Overall 7/10

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