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Posted by moonhead on Nov 3, 2007
Gaming News 3rd November

Gaming News 3rd November

Xbox Live Gold Free For A Weekend

Sorry peeps it really is a slow news week but here goes. Microsoft have announced Xtival 07 a European only celebration of all things Xbox Live. The event kicks of on November 23rd and during this time the full featured Xbox Live Gold subscription service will be free for a whole 4 days for all 360 owners until the 26th. Also during the event there will be special tournaments, downloads  and the opportunity to play with some as yet unnamed C-list celebrities. Hopefully it is a raging success and and helps convince Microsoft to make the service free all the time, but somehow I doubt it. 

PS3 Reigning In The Wii

It would seem that in the land of the rising sun that the PS3 is finally eating into the Wii’s lead. Back in June the Wii was outselling the Ps3 by 6 to 1, but for the month of October figures from Enterbrain show the Wii only managed to outsell the PS3 by a margin of just over 2 to 1. The Wii managed to sell 110,415 and the PS3 sold 47,183 meanwhile the Xbox 360 trailed in at 3rd with sales of only 18,717. With the festive season approaching and Nintendo’s big hitters on the way you can expect the Wii to pull away again. Especially when you consider that Sony really does not have any big name games to rival Nintendo’s in the run . But it would seem as if Sony’s fortunes look to be taking an upturn though and they have a seemingly slow burner of a machine as sales seem to be on the increase in all regions. What they really need now to kick on is that killer app.

Poor First Day Sales For Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy has finally gone on sale in Japan and strangely has not been the run away sales success it was expected to be. This fantastic looking return to form for the series after the disappointing Super Mario Sunshine on Gamecube was expected to fly off the shelves but has only managed to sell 130,000 units on its first day. It is thought though that things will get better after the weekend and contrary to what you may think Mario is a bigger crowd puller in the west than in the east. It is expected to do major business in Europe upon its release on the 16th of November and after seeing the various reviews doing the rounds I cannot wait to get my hands on this ace looking title. Rest assured when I do I will review it as soon as possible.

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