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Gaming News 8th November 2007

Gaming News 8th November 2007

Christmas Stocking Problems

News reaches us that all three major console manufacturer’s are expecting stock shortages the Christmas. Nintendo are already suffering from supply to demand on Wii and UK general manager David Yarnton Said: “Every year it seems to happen with stock being tight, and I don’t think this year will be any different. We have regular stock coming in. In terms of demand, we can’t predict whether that will be enough – probably not. But you can’t just turn the tap on with hardware.” Eh? making more would appear to be the answer. Sony too are suffering similar issues, with PS2, Ps3 and PSP all needing stocks. A spokesman told industry mag MCV “Stock continues to be tight, but we continue to do our best to ensure a flow of stock is available to customers in this important buying season.” Microsoft have a slightly more optimistic view, Chris Lewis regional VP claims: “We’re working very hard to make sure that shortages don’t happen.” It could be that MS machine doesn’t have to cope with the demand of other manufacturers.

I am not convinced by this, if demand exceeds supply it creates great press. Much more so than units left on shelves, just a thought.

No Longer A Virgin

The retail giant, Virgin Megastores is currently being re-branded as Zavvi. The group that made Richard Branson his fortune has been in financial trouble and Sir Rick decided is was time to pull the plug. Zavvi Entertainment Group are currently half way though the re-branding that sees one of the most famous brand names in music retail history disappear. Time will tell if buying the struggling chain with the current trend in music sales on a downturn was a Zavvi move. (Sorry!)

Microsoft On Children

Adding to the list of parental controls that the Xbox 360 already boasts is a new function called “Family Timer”. This unique new function means that parents can set the 360 to only play at certain times of day or for only a set amount of time. In my opinion this is a great function meaning you can leave the kids playing knowing that in one hour the machine will automatically shut itself down. In the run up to the end of the session friendly warnings will appear informing the player that the session is about to end. Robbie Bach president of The Entertainment and Devices division at Microsoft said: “The Xbox 360 Family Timer will continue to deliver on our promise to deliver safer, balanced and fun entertainment for everyone.”

The Family Timer will be available for download via Xbox Live in early December.

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