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Posted by moonhead on Dec 11, 2007
Gaming News 11th December

Gaming News 11th December

Burnout Paradise Demo Soon.

The hotly anticipated 5th game in Criterions long running Burnout series is coming to Xbox Live and PSN on Thursday 13th December in demo form. The demo is said to contain a large chunk of the game  containing 3 districts based outside the game worlds Paradise city. The demo will playable both on-line and off with a variety of challenges and races to take part in. The major change for this new entry in the Burnout series is the fact that the game now takes place in a huge free roaming city that you can drive round at your leisure with no menu screens leaving you in the game all the time. The games on-line mode has also been given a complete over haul and stays on all the time if you so wish leaving you to switch between single player and multiplayer at will. The crash based arcade racing style obviously stays and if Criterion can knit this altogether nicely it should be one hell of a game.


Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Trailer.

Ubisoft have released a very strange trailer for the recently announced Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. The trailer has no game footage in it all instead showing some real video footage of Vegas itself and some wonderfull leg cleavage. Quit how this is supposed to relate to the game is anybody’s guess but it is well worth a look if only for the novelty factor. You can make your eyes pop out of your head and say “WTF” by watching it here. Lets just hope we get to see some game footage soon as the first game was one of Game4Anythings favourite games of the last 12 months or so.

 Street Fighter IV Gets Aggressive.

Following on from last weeks first screens we are finally starting to get a steady drip drip of information regarding the eagerly awaited Street Fighter IV. We already know that the fighting will take place on a 2D plane with fully realised 3D models which is as should be considering the games heritage. Also though the games producer Yoshinori Ono speaking in EGM  said “…now you’ll finally see guys wincing in pain and cheeks being deformed by fists in real-time” (boy do I  like the sound of that) He went further saying “I hope that we can include some sort of visible reactions from the characters based on how much damage they receive when they are hit” and “We’d like to add details such as if a character gets hit in the shoulder multiple times, perhaps his shoulder hangs a little lower, or perhaps his animations are affected”. Aggresion according to Yoshinoi is going to be the key stating that he wants the game to show more aggression in how it plays. But Yoshinori also has a reassuring message for fans of the series that he wants it to be a home coming for them making sure that all of the old signature moves of characters are easy and immediate to pull off. The more I hear and see about this exciting looking game the more I want play it definitely looks one to keep an eye on.

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