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Posted by drew10 on Dec 13, 2007
Gaming News 13th December 2007

Gaming News 13th December 2007

G4A News

As some of you may have noticed G4A has been a little thin on the ground recently. This has been due to two reasons, one a really smooth change over of ISP’s in Drew’s house, (Thanks for leaving me without a connection for over a week TalkTalk.) And two, Drew also having to travel to China on business. Yes it is a hard life, at the moment I feel like some sort of bizarre back-to-front superhero mild-mannered office worker by day, dropout video games reviewer by night. So if there is anyone out there who would like to give us a few thousand pounds a month to do this full time?…. No?….Arse! Anyway hopefully as the Christmas dust begins to settle we should be back on it!

DS To Win Console War? 

In news that is sure to make everyone at Nintendo chuckle and all at Sony cry, it is looking increasingly likely that the DS will end up being the top selling US console of 2007. Nintendo of America state that over 6 million units have been sold this year, that is a rate of about one sold every five seconds. It looks like the greatest innovators in gaming history have pulled another stroke of genius, when it looked like the big N were heading the way of Sega after the N64 and Gamecube. DS and now of course Wii have really proved once and for all that Nintendo do things their way and more often than not get it spot on.

Fly The Flag! 

The UK games industry took another hit yesterday as news of the French Government applying the same tax breaks for games developers as for its film industry. This could potentially save French developers up to 20% on development costs and could earn a tax rebate on almost 50% of games made in the country this year. It does however mean that unless the UK government do something it is likely that more and more development from the UK will go abroad to territories like Canada and now of course France. The problem is that as our great government will not supply these tax breaks for the British film industry, causing our film makers to go abroad, it is highly unlikely we will see any help for games companies.

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