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Gaming News 18th December 2007

Gaming News 18th December 2007

Are We Finally Going To Manhunt 2?

News that the Video Appeals Committee (VAC) has allowed Rockstar to appeal against the BBFC’s decision to ban Manhunt 2 has been greeted with mixed feelings here at G4A. Whilst everyone here believes in freedom of speech we also are mindful of our past-time being dragged through the mud by games that purely seek controversy. There are much wider implications to this decision though, if the appeal was upheld and Manhunt was allowed a classification then it almost renders the BBFC powerless to stop future unsuitable materials from hitting our shelves. To say it sets a dangerous precedent is an understatement. Now don’t get me wrong I am all for any adult being able to play… let me change that word, to experience any kind of game he/she chooses but we all have a responsibility to children who will be, not may be but will be exposed to them. Anyway we all watch and wait to see what happens with the appeal, keep it G4A to find out.

Thats Just Sensible!

Finally the wait is over at G4A. This Wednesday see’s the Xbox Live launch of Sensible World Of Soccer. The delays are finally over and if the truth be told both Moonhead and myself are like a pair of kids on Christmas eve today. It has been a long time but finally our rivalry that goes back decades will once again be reborn. The Amiga classic has been given a polish and is looking as playable and as fun as ever, let’s just hope they have ironed out all the on-line issues that have caused the months of agonising wait that we have suffered. Also on Live this Wednesday is the arcade classic Tempest. Atari’s vector graphic based shooter is available for a mere 400Microsoft Points whilst Sensible is 800MSP I am sure this will now be about the fifth time I have bought Sensi!

Let’s Get Condemned Again!

The sequel to one of the 360’s better launch titles, Condemned 2 is nearing completion. Due for release in Feb 2008 on 360 and PS3, the game looks to take the series to a new level, with a new hand-to-hand fighting game engine as well as on-line functionality. Subtitled Bloodshot the game once again has you playing detective Ethan Thomas following a bunch of gruesome murders through dark and eerie rooms and passageways. Armed with a number of new forensic gadgetry you must investigate the crime scenes and battle your way through countless unsavoury characters to solve the case. The aforementioned hand-to-hand combat system is apparently “the most brutal the first person shooter genre has ever seen.” well that isn’t really a massive claim as so far most of them have been crap! Interestingly the game also features on-line deathmatch modes which is a good addition meaning a more substantial package than its short lived predecessor. Anyway let’s get ready with a change of pants for this long awaited sequel.

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  1. It is a brutal game, indeed. Scary, but yet fun for some people.

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